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04-03-2005, 04:56 PM
My old neighbours doggie, Taffy-Lynne a gorgeous blonde cocker had to be put to sleep this past week. They didnt go into details but we are VERY saddened at the news as she was a wonderful girl. She loved coming over to our house and would sit on my hubbys lap for hours. She had a litter of puppies while they lived here and all of them went to wonderful homes, she was a great lil mommy too.

I will so miss this lovely lil lady...........

Play hard at the bridge Taffy-Lynne! We loved you so.

04-03-2005, 06:55 PM
How old was Taffy Lynne? Im so sorry for your loss, im sure she is romping at Rainbow Bridge as we speak.

04-03-2005, 06:59 PM
I am so very sorry for you loss:( Bless your beautiful heart, dear Taffy-Lynne. How very much your precious spirit will be missed by all of those whose hearts you touched. Run and play and be happy at the Bridge until that joyful day of reunion with your loving family. {{{{HUGS}}} Sandra

04-03-2005, 07:01 PM
Rest in peace, Taffy-Lynne. Your legacy of love with linger forever, even though your family has had to say a sad good-bye.

Buddy Blaze Lover
04-03-2005, 07:33 PM
I'm so sorry! RIP Taffy-Lynne!:(

04-03-2005, 08:00 PM
Originally posted by senorita02
How old was Taffy Lynne? Im so sorry for your loss, im sure she is romping at Rainbow Bridge as we speak.

she was soooo sweet,,,,,, I think she was @ 8 or 9 this yr,,, but I am not sure. they kept one of her puppies,,, named him Brutus as he was the biggest of the litter... a friend of ours has one of the girls,, her name is Duchess,, shes a bit of a fragile girl,, health is always touchy... One of the boys went to another family here in the neighbourhood,,, his name was Sam and another boy,, he got called Other Guy,,, no one could think of a name and as he got older,, it just stuck,,

04-04-2005, 12:21 PM
She does indeed sound like a very special girl. I'm so sorry that she is gone. :(

04-04-2005, 01:10 PM
How sad. :(

RIP Taffy Lynne.

04-04-2005, 03:41 PM
RIP Sweetie :(

04-04-2005, 10:26 PM
I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Just remeber that Taffy-Lynne is happy and on the RB!

RIP Taffy-Lynne
I will pray for you both tonight!


04-05-2005, 09:14 AM
How sad for both your neighbors and you:(

RIP Sweet Taffy Lynne

04-07-2005, 12:14 AM
I am sorry for the loss of Taffy-Lynne (what a cute name......my Shiloh is also a Shiloh-Lynn). I am sure she will be greatly missed by all she loved.