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10-05-2001, 02:26 PM
Check this out. What a guy http://www.journalstar.com/local?story_id=4772&past=

10-05-2001, 02:33 PM
Did you see the Arabian Horse on the news that was painted like the flag - can't believe people.

10-05-2001, 02:56 PM
No, I haven't seen that.

Dixieland Dancer
10-05-2001, 03:52 PM
:confused: :confused: Since the flag is not suppose to touch the ground and your only suppose to have it burned if it does, what do you think he's gonna do now?????

This aside... 25 Gallons of paint is pretty amazing to put on your front lawn!!

10-06-2001, 07:44 AM
Spencer if it would help win this war against terrorism I would personally paint Bella with stars and stripes! :) My local news carried a story of a couple in Delaware painting the front of their house to look like a flag.

Back to painting poodles....last year at Christmas I saw a picture of a poodle on a site who was dyed to look like Santa in his red suit. Artistically it was cute but my heart when out to the little guy! :rolleyes:

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Daisy's Mom
10-07-2001, 12:53 AM
Wow that is quite impressive!

On Wednesday, my younger sister's entire middle school had a special project. Sixth graders must wear a white shirt, seventh graders must wear blue, and eighth are to wear red. Some eight graders - the honor students - will be chosen to hold stars. The entire school will then assemble on their soccer field in the form of an American flag. All the local TV stations and newspapers will be there, covering the story and taking pictures, and there will be a helicopter taking aerial shots. I just thought this was such a sweet and wonderufl idea. I love how much our country has pulled together, and I have never seen so much patriotism. God Bless America!

10-07-2001, 01:13 AM
This evening I went to visit a friend in Glendale, Calif. about a half hour drive from where I live. I was shocked the minute I crossed over the city line. There are American flags everywhere. All of the light standards having them flying and the huge Glendale Galleria Mall has a large banner that says "God Bless America." The office buildings all have flags as well. It was such a welcome sight that I was choked up. My friend said the flags went up on 9/12/01. Who says government can't get moving when they want to........ In the evening after dark, the flags are illuminated. It made me feel very proud to be an American.

Daisy's Mom
10-12-2001, 04:45 PM
This is the picture that I was talking about. This is my town's middle school, Overlook Middle School.


It made my mom cry just to look at it, and I think it is absolutely beautiful.

Now, not like you can tell who is who or anything but... my sisters are in there! Rachael is in the 4th red line, the last person on the far right, and Kenzie is in the top red line, the 7th kid from the left ;)

Daisy's Mom
10-12-2001, 07:33 PM
Yes it was. They are saying the pledge of allegiance in that shot.

My school also joined in on saying the pledge of allegiance together with the rest of America. However, our school gets out at 1:55, so we did it at 1:45 :) It was really special... when we are supposed to say it in the mornings, no one really does it. They stand up and slouch back down, and some people even talk through it. But this afternoon, the whole school said it together and no one had the nerve to talk or laugh. It was really beautiful.

10-13-2001, 12:22 AM
That is beautiful. it's heartwarming to see so many patriotic people who care.