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10-04-2001, 12:51 AM
ok, here's the scoop. in theory i think we have an owl in our neighborhood. i think i've heard it in our tree near our bedroom several times.

well, today i was out weeding under the tree and i found a furry pellet that is defintly fecal matter. now, what is plaguing me is weather it is cat (really doesn't look like cat poo that i've seen. and i've seen house and stray.), owl, or some other raptor.

now, the problem is, is that not only can't i find a good scatology web page, but most of the links that come up in my search are porn sites.

does anyone have any links that may help me out?! i really would like to know if i found proof of an owl.

(a few months back we found a bloody piece of fur on the toneau cover of the truck. but it was day, and the blood was quite fresh. and i know we do have a few hawks in the area.)

(most of you are probally going eeeeewwwwwwe by now. lol ...and here's me the humble science type. "oh, did i upset you?" ...and really meaning it. i'm just so curious about the world around me.)

10-04-2001, 05:10 AM
From the way you describe the pellet it sounds more like a cast than faeces. Owls regurgitate matter like fur and bone that they can't digest in pellets. Break open the pellet with a couple of sticks to see what is in it or, using gloves, put it in a beaker of water and gently break it open in the water. Then pass the water through a coffee filter paper and see what you have left. If it small bones, fur and hair, you may find some insect cases too, you have a cast. If not then it mouldy poo from another creature and you will be real glad you used gloves!!!!

10-07-2001, 12:45 AM
(really feeling bad about myself. ...i've been discussing this on some other forums too. ...i can't beleive how much i have forgotten!!!!)

thank you for the reminder about owls regurdiating stuff. (one other person mentioned this.)

i'm going to go the library and get some books and then if that doesn't help, i'm going to call the DNR and see if they can spare me some time. (my internet search has been useless.)
if all else fails i'll use your wonderfully excellent plan.

...except i don't have a beaker, so i'll have to use a glass :D

Thank you for all of your help!

10-07-2001, 06:58 PM
You don't have a beaker??????!!! Yikes!!!

I have a lovley tall, clear, glass that I use for this type of thing. It is kept on the kitchen window sill so nobody uses it to drink from. A really good place to ask questions is the Hawk Conservancy, about four miles from us and my haven of peace! They are superb people who are mega busy and mega important on a world wide level due to their concerted and determined efforts to breed endangered raptors. They were the first people to breed the New Zealand falcon in captivity, the Brahminy kite and several other species. They maintain the attitude of normal people, despite their immense knowledge and success, have major research projects worldwide that they are involved in and still let a total novice like me in! Their web address is
www.hawk-conservancy.org (http://www.hawk-conservancy.org)
Please keep in mind that the guy doing the website is a volunteer and has a full time job as well as a part time job at the conservancy, his own family and his own dogs and birds - so if he takes a few days to answer your question try to be patient.

10-07-2001, 07:14 PM
OOOOOOO! Just checked the link was working and Cheyenne.....I have held on my fist! As far away from my body and face as I could manage and for as short a time as I could get away with without looking like a total wimp, I admit. That is one hell of a bird!! As part of one of the flying displays they release the two eagles on the other side of the valley and allow them to do their own thing for a while, how long depends on the weather, before calling them in. This sight, about twenty minutes on the day, reduced my mother to tears ( that took about three minutes!) - I have never felt so proud of her! She had spent most of the morning complaining that the birds were all tethered and how could I - of all people- condone this place? She, and my father, are totally in love with the place now and it's principles. No bird does nothing - they either breed, raise chicks from endangered species or fly for their living.
Eight American Black vultures flying as a squadron, eleven kites at the same time, two Bald Eagles, a young African Fish Eagle, a Tawny Eagle.....the list goes on. Great place, the only place that I know of that I can see animals in cages and feel OK about it.
This site will also give you access to the falconers web ring so you should find something that can help from there.

10-15-2001, 09:56 PM
i just want to thank you Carrie! i've been quite busy lately and have got a bit behind. but i defintly felt it was necessary to let you know i appreciate your help!