View Full Version : Is your pet Spoiled? NO!!

02-06-2001, 07:58 PM
In Pet Talk posts, I often read where owners think they are spoiling their pet, or consider their pet spoiled. I disagree. I think pets are entitled to everything they get.
However, even with this lighthearted but honest comment, my heart goes out to the animals with uncaring owners who won't provide even the basic care their pets deserve.

02-06-2001, 09:58 PM
I don't do half the things for my dogs as some on this site do for theirs, but I have people who tell me "You're crazy". I told some co-workers that I gave my Pug, Bandit, a toy, pig ears, and put a candle in his canned (no dry) food for his birthday I was told I was taking things too far. Just wait until my Jeffrey's "adoption day" on Sept. 29. (I don't know when he was born) but I've gotten some good ideas from this site and we're going all out for his special day. I allow my dogs on my furniture and in my bed. I hug them, I kiss them, I call them my Poopies. Why? Because I love them. Why have a pet if you do not want them to be fully in your life? If I could I would have a lot more pets. I get so angry when I see people abuse pets and I cry when I read the horrible way animals are mistreated. I wasn't raised that way. I had many pets growing up; dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, fish, turtles and any other stray I could convince my parents to allow me to take in. My parents, the sweet, caring people they are, would let me until we found homes. I don't think my pets are spoiled. They are loved.

02-07-2001, 10:30 AM
Years ago now, I had a beautiful all white cat with clear blue eyes named Sugar. He was my best friend. Everyone I knew loved my Sugar.

When he turned 16 I had a birthday party for him. Everyone gave me a really hard time, but they all came and I noticed that each and every one also brought a present, food, a toy - something. Was he spoiled? You betcha! Because he deserved it and just gave and gave love in return. I feel that once you have some training in place, you cannot spoil your pets enough.

02-07-2001, 11:20 AM
Hi, No one should give anybody a hard time for loving their pets. There is no such thing as loving them too much. Our family is grown up and on their own and our two Schnauzers are our new family. We sleep with our little black girl ( Schnauzers don't shed), she gets a little play time then curls up to go to sleep, our boy likes privacy, so he goes in his kennel at night.
They are allowed anywhere in the house they care to go and can curl up on any sofa or chair that takes their fancy. We have birthday parties for them etc. There are so many animals that don't have a home or loving family, that if you do have pets love them all the more.

05-20-2003, 05:03 PM
We spoil Mick with attention. He doesn't get new toys unless they're chewed up or he needs one. Like when he needed a Frisbee he got one, but my mom won't get him a new bed because she knows he has a perfectly nice one already. My dad is so scared Mick will get spoiled like being allowe don the beds or couches so he's really strict with that. Still, Mick's always got somone there who wants to at least give him a nice scratch. ;)

05-20-2003, 07:03 PM
my babies are all spoiled like crazy, each and everyone of of my pets(dogs,guinea pigs,gerbils) have birthday partys, I make my dogs a real cake, in the shape of something they like, I ice the cake, and decorate it, and write on it, they get their pics taken withe the cake, and they all get a slice the birthday dog getting a bigger slice, then they get to go shopping and pick out whatever they want from the store. of coarse they get to go to the park to play, and get lots of extra playtime outside. my piggies, get lots of extra veggies, and get to come to my room for floortime, with all their buddys, on the floor I have for them, special snax that I make just for them, lots and lots of hey, and a pool. the gerbils have not had their birthdays yet, but for other special occasions I have always taken them out to play, and I make them a holiday meal, made all fancy on a plate for them :D all my dogs are allowed in all rooms of the house, and are allowed on all the furniture, I dont even go to the stor without happy, I tie her to the step while I am inside and she just lays down in the sun and waits:) we have 5 dogs and 8 doggie dishes, the gerbils have a catfood dish,
one of the expensive fancy dishes, stainless steel, non tip, with the rubber ring. it was $10. my piggies live in 2 10.5 square foot cages, and one 13 square foot cage. my gerbils live in a hug tub on my dresser. people say I spoil my pets way to much, maybe, but they like it, and so do I:D

05-20-2003, 11:54 PM
I dont think you can ever SPOIL you pets too much, i just wish all animals could have as much love and care as the ones on pet talk, they all deserve to have loving furever homes, its just not fair how some are so unlucky.

05-21-2003, 06:39 AM
My cats are spoiled with lots of love and attention. They might not have the biggest cat trees or the most toys, but they get tons of attention. Maybe someday when I have more money they will get another tree, but they know that they are loved and that they rule the house.

05-21-2003, 07:17 AM
I would think that PT pet owners are more obsessed with their pets, than an average owner. (Seeing as we come here to post about them.;) ) This is not the same as spoiling a pet.

IMO spoiling a cat 'could' lead to mistreatment of an animal. i.e. Too much food or expensive toys, are no substitute for a healthy diet and loving care.

PS. Of course any pet should have the run of the house /yard (if applicable) and celebrate their birthdays in style.

05-21-2003, 08:11 AM
Well ... I'd say Fister is spoiled, but then, you can't really spoil a cat too much! It doesn't mean he gets his way ALL the time, and he doesn't have tons of expensive toys, but he is happy and healthy now. :) He can wrap us around his "little" paws anytime when it comes to cuddle sessions and play! :D

I would never let him over eat, not that I think he would, cats usually know how much food and water they need - unlike some of us humans. ;)