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03-26-2005, 11:54 AM
Its been forever now sence I've been here last! I'm at the Waterford Library and I was like... I really need to check out this site and say hello to everyone!!!
Tomarrow is Easter so HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!! :) I know I've missed so much sense i've been gone:o but my computer is still down! I guess i'm just going to have to get another one! Its completely hopeless.:( The internet is all messed up!
A lot has been happening with me lately! Some good but some very very sad. I'm currently not attending school right now. I am however being tutored two hours a day, wich to me is NOT enough. I was in the middle of transferring schools and the school I was going to go to just out of the blue turned me down. So now me and my parents are in the process of finding a high school to go to. Its been going on 7 weeks now that I've been out. :mad: My cousin was diagnosed with cancer and that went away but then she developed melanoma and she isn't doing to well.:( Gosh and then my grandpa developed a leg infection that went ino his blood stream and he then had three strokes because of that.
Man! Now... for the good news! Harmanie is fantastic! She is happier and affectionate as ever. My grandpa is doing sooo much better. I saw him yesturday and he looked great! They had to put in a feeding tube because he couldn't eat but sense they did that he is so much more healthier. Hes talking up a storm in fact, we can't keep him quiet! He was also sitting up in a chair for 5 hours yesturday! The school thing still isn't fixed yet but we might be moving. And when that happens I'll automatically go into a school so thats all good! Seeing how my Grandpa is doing so well, he might be able to go home and we might move to his house to take care of him. Wich I wouldn't mind because I love him to death!
Other then that nothing else has been going on. I miss you all very much and Harmanie says she does to. I GOTTA get her pretty face one pt!

Kate and Harmanie

03-26-2005, 12:11 PM
Good to hear from you, glad things are looking up, just keep learning as much as you can until you're able to be in a new school. That's awful! But I am glad you, your Grandpa, and Harmanie of course are doing well!

03-26-2005, 12:59 PM
Yes I am trying the best that I can. I am doing what I have to do and thats all that I can do for now. I don't know if I said this in my thread but I will be seeing my grandpa today. I hope he's still doing good. Life wouln't be the same without him. He is afterall 82 years old! He is an amazing man!