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09-01-2000, 09:17 AM
I know that Pet of the Day features live animals, but I wanted to nominate some animated ones for Pets of the Day.

"Mutts," the comic strip by Patrick McDonnell, is my favorite cartoon (and probably the favorite cartoon of any pet lover). Mr. McDonnell lets the animals in his strip be animals and pets and doesn't try to imbue them with a lot of human characteristics (unlike Snoopy, they don't type, unlike Garfield, they don't eat lasagna, etc.) There are good, realistic pets in other strips, but they are not the featured characters. The animals in "Mutts" are SO true to life (right now I am thinking of this Wednesday's strip about naps--they could not have been drawn any better). And not only does Mr. McDonnell create wonderful animal characters, but he hits pet ownership right on the head.

So, I would formally like to nominate Earl for Dog of the Day (or Guard Dog), Mooch for Cat of the Day (or Shtinky Puddin' or SourP Puss), and maybe Crabby for Pet of the Day. There are probably copyright laws that would prevent this from happening, but I thought it couldn't hurt to suggest it.


4 feline house
11-19-2000, 10:22 PM
Peekaboo from Rose is Rose should be cat of the day.