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09-17-2001, 09:56 AM
This was sent to me this morning, and it seems so fitting..I would like to
share it with you.


"I know you're mad at Me right now. That's alright. People have been mad at
Me before and will be again. Being mad is part of being human. My Son got
mad, too. It's alright to be mad sometimes at injustice, for example, or the
lack of charity."

"You probably think I am unjust and uncharitable when an airplane goes down
like that. All those people lost. The children gone. It doesn't seem
right; it can't be loving. You ask, 'Where was God?' Why did He allow that
to happen?"

"I allow it to happen because I allow you freedom. I could have left you on
a string and made you dance all day without getting tired. I could have
moved your mouth for you and made you sing all night without growing hoarse.
I could have pulled a wire that would have let you soar skyward and never

"I could have, but I didn't because I love you so much. I want you to be
free to decide when to dance and sing. Free to determine when you will come
to Me in faith and hope. Because you are free, some of you choose not to
dance or sing. Some of you select hatred over love, revenge over
forgiveness, bombs over a helping hand. As you choose, I watch. I do not
disappear. I listen to both the songs and the bombs. AND I REMEMBER."

"Where was God?" you wonder...I was there. I whispered in the ear of a
little girl, 'Don't be afraid, I am with you.' I held the hand of a business
woman as tightly as she clutched mine. I cradled a pilot against my shoulder
as if he were a baby again."

"Amid the paralyzing fear, I was there, as I was there with my Son in the
garden. Amid the unbearable pain, I was there, as I was with Him as He was
whipped. Amid the terrible realization that life was ending too soon, I was
there, with Him as He hung on the cross and asked, like you, "My God, why
have you forsaken Me?"

"I had not forsaken Him. I did not forsake them. I was there as they fell,
and as they rose to eternal joy. I listened to their anger, answered their
questions and showed them why they had been created. Not to end that way,
but to live with Me forever."

"In an instant, they came into existance. As you did. In an istant, they
left this world. As you will. But beyond that last instant, I kept my
promise...A little girl dances, a business woman sings, and a pilot keeps his
wings forever."

09-17-2001, 10:12 AM
How true, I think that question was answered by Billie Graham at the Prayer Service in Washington D. C. last week also.
Thanks for sharing, it is very comforting.

Dixieland Dancer
09-17-2001, 12:13 PM
This is another answer to Where was God that I received in an email.

If God really cares, why did He let this happen and where was He?
If you look carefully, you'll see that God was awake and was most certainly there. God was on United Airlines Flight 93 giving courage to Thomas Burnett who, after hearing the news of the World Trade Center, told his wife via phone that they had been hijacked and that, "there's three of us who are going to do something about it." Shortly thereafter, the plane exploded into the Pennsylvania countryside. God was with Billy Wik who worked near the top of Tower Two. Mr. Wik called his wife to say, "I'm gonna get out, but I have to get my people out" and has not been heard from since. God was with the multitudes who evacuated the towers before the buildings roared to the ground. God was with the two police officers who were in the lobby when it collapsed on top of them and somehow survived in an air pocket beneath the rubble. God was with the five firefighters who were rescued on Thursday morning after they had become trapped while searching for others.
And God was there too, with the thousands who died too soon at the Pentagon, in Manhattan, and in Pennsylvania. God was there-crying as His children struck down their own brothers and sisters.
And now God is with the multitudes lining up to give blood. God is with the volunteers and rescue workers who keep clawing away at the rubble through the choking smoke and ash to find, beyond hope, one person who is still alive. God is with Billy Wik's wife and the three children he left behind. God is with Ms. Burnett and the families of the three others who paid the ultimate price to save so many lives. God is with the myriad who mourn the unspeakable, excruciating loss they must now personally endure as a result of this evil act.
And God is here, now, with you-crying with you and encouraging you to go forward in hope and faith; knowing that He will indeed wipe every tear away; that He will make every wrong right; that He will give you the strength to live another day so you can show to the world that God is indeed there.
-Karl Leuthauser