View Full Version : Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Samantha Puppy
03-08-2005, 09:15 AM
No offense to anyone whose birthday falls in March, but I HATE THIS MONTH (in Maryland, anyway)!!! It is the ugliest, most non-descript month ever. Not really still Winter... not yet Spring... There really isn't much chance for snow anymore, and what was still on the ground melts away pretty quickly so you can't ski or ice skate, but you also can't go out and have a picnic. IT BLOWS.

Case and point. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. It got up to 73F here (22-23C). I opened up the house when I got home, got the stale winter air out. It smelled of Spring. Josh and I even slept with one of our bedroom windows open a little. I woke this morning and rain had moved in, but it was still very mild. I got in the shower, got ready for work, walked outside. The temp had fallen so drastically in 40 MINUTES that it was starting to snain (snow-rain).

Right now, it looks like there is a full-force blizzard going on. The wind is howling, the snow is blowing sideways and now they're calling for 1-3 inches of the crap. A day after the skies were blue, the air was warm, MY SUNROOF WAS OPEN. And now this.


Anyone else fed up their their weather? I am just so ready for Spring. I think it's nasty for Mother Nature to tease us with yesterday and then make it frickin' snow today. It's mean. I want to move somewhere where it's almost always nice. Look out, Florida!

03-08-2005, 09:17 AM
Well being that I am only 2 hours from you... we have the same stuff. Not yet a blizzard, but now I know to be on the lookput for it in the next few hours. I guess the kids will be coming home early from school today! :p

03-08-2005, 09:40 AM
I am relate for sure! I've been out working in the yard for the past couple of days getting the fence up...it's been beautiful! Same for this morning as I was getting ready for work...then, while my boss was outside taking pics of our new windsock, a storm blew in within a matter of SECONDS! He couldn't even get the front door to open because of the wind! We lost 4 of our 8 flagpoles in our yard...and withing minutes...the sun is shining and the wind is gone!!!???!!!

Ridiculous!!! I can't wait for spring/summer!

03-08-2005, 11:03 AM
It's a lot like that here too.

Sunday in was beautiful! It was in the 60's, there was a nice breeze, the sun was out, just a couple clouds in the sky, You would think it was spring!

Yesterday, We had a thunderstorm! You could barely see in front of yourself in the car!

I woke up this morning and there is snow on the ground!

I'm with you, I am SO ready for Spring and Summer.


03-08-2005, 11:13 AM
We're on the east side of Cleveland here and it was near 60F yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. I woke up this morning to 4inches of the white stuff on the ground. It was 6+inches by the time I left for work.

I just wish the weather would make up its mind already!