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09-14-2001, 11:38 AM
My friend Krish, who is a photographer, took this picture four years ago. I just thought I'd share.


09-14-2001, 11:55 AM

I have no words, only tears. :(

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Edwina's Secretary
09-14-2001, 11:59 AM

Last night I went home and took out my photo album and found pictures from my last two trips to New York City. From the ferry to Ellis Island the towers were so beautiful, so stately!

On another note. I hear so many people talking about Muslims and Arabs as if anyone who shares a common religion or national origin with these horrible terrorist are equally evil. My response to them has been to ask if when Timothy McViegh committed his horrendous act of terrorism they felt that all "white guys" were to be blamed and held accountable?

09-14-2001, 12:59 PM

What a beautiful picture! On Wednesday night I was finally able to get ahold of a friend of mine who lives in Brooklyn. She was the maid of honor at my wedding last year and we'd been trying to speak with her since this happened as she's literally right across the bridge. She's doing fine, though throughly shaken (who isn't), but her father is in the hospital. He's been in poor health for quite awhile and was on his way to work Tuesday when he saw the first plane hit the WTC. He had a severe heart attack and is still in the hospital. Due to complications they don't know if/when he'll be heading home.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

She mentioned in our conversation that the hardest part and most long lasting is the fact that the towers won't be there anymore. Their absence is a constant reminder of what has happened to her and many others too.

09-14-2001, 01:32 PM
Thelma, what a beautiful picture! It's so sad how different the skyline is going to look from now on. A constant reminder of the terrible tragedy that has ocurred... :( I've only been to NY once, while my sister was attending college at NYU. She lived right there in Manhattan only a couple of blocks from the WTC. I can see her apartment building in that picture you posted!

Maresche, your friend's father is in our prayers...this thing has affected so many worldwide. It's really a neat thing to see everyone come together since this has happened! Hearing about the support from our friends in England from Carrie's post was so moving.
Edwina's, I know what you mean!! It's really sad that there are muslims and people of arabic descent that are getting hate mail and such right now...even though they are really just as much as an amierican as we are, and I'm sure they're just as horrified at this incident as we are...The only difference is that they had to work to get here, which is a big accomplishment. They chose to come to America...the land of the free...
I heard on the radio this morning that a trash bag full of what they think is pig's blood, was thrown at a Muslim center here in CA. We need to stop this insanity and not put blame on people because of their descent, origin, or religious beliefs!! I agree....just because these terrorists are from a certain place or of a certain ethnic background...not all the people from there are bad people. It's bad to make assumptions, and assume that others are at fault. After all, you're right...it was an American that conducted the Oklahoma bombing!! So, that would mean that all American white males are bad. This is stupid! We need to stand together against the real enemy...and show we will not tolerate this attack on our great nation!

Dixieland Dancer
09-14-2001, 01:51 PM
A truly amazing photo! I have never been to NY but if I do I realize it will not look as beautiful as this photo. My prayers are with you as you face the scene each day you go to work.

09-14-2001, 02:28 PM
I can't understand how people could do these hateful acts. Do they not see they are making the situation that much worse? I broke down last night watching them interview a Muslim who lives a few blocks from me. A grown man crying hysterically, frightened for his life.

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. I didn't want to do anything except lay there and cry. But I realized that would be giving in to the evil. I got up and what helped me get to school were all the American flags hung everywhere. Also, almost every car here in Austin is keeping their headlights on until every victim is found. I'm not sure if other places are doing that too. But when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the lights of all the cars behind me, I felt the the unity of our country, and I was able to hold my head that much higher.

My city is out of American flags too. I'd suggest hanging Marine Corps flags if there are any of those left in your cities. Since I have my best friend and several other good friends in the Marines, I had 5 flags already. I went around this morning hanging them up.

The blood banks here can't hold anymore blood so they aren't taking donations at all until next week. It is a beautiful thing to watch my city, and America, come together like this.

Edwina's Secretary
09-14-2001, 02:50 PM

I work in a software development company and we have a VERY diverse workforce. On the floor below us is a telemarketing firm that is also very diverse in order to have a variety of languages spoken for their customers.
Today at noon in the parking lot many (I would say most) of the employees from this building gathered for a few moments of silence. There were people from India, China, Russia, Poland, South Africa, Croatia, Pakistan, Cyprus, Canada, Mexico, and of course native born. There were people of every color and creed -- from CEO to housekeeping all holding hands and bowing heads for a few moments.

It was powerful and moving to see.

09-14-2001, 02:53 PM
I just broke down while i was watching Tv, they had people showing pics of missing people and this guys showed his to be wife
(they had plans to getmarried next summer) and i just broke down crying, he was crying hysterically because he could not find his to be wife. :(

09-14-2001, 03:58 PM
I know what you mean, Kay Ann. I have also been glued to the TV and cry every time they show someone with a picture of their loved one(s). They just need to know something because the feeling of knowing nothing is unbearable.

I was especially moved by a young lady with a photograph of her mother, who is missing. I'll never forget her words: "I'm her only child. She's all I have in this world." This really hit home hard, as I am my mom's only child as well and we are extremely close. I believe that there is no love stronger than that of a mother and her child. Needless to say, I just couldn't control the tears.

09-14-2001, 08:07 PM
Aly, what a neat idea about the car lights! Wow! What a thing to see in your car while driving. It's really amazing how people really have come together...
Edwina's, what a powerful image. I probably would have cried if I saw a group of people like that all bowing their heads together. I really like working in a company that has lots of people from different countries. I've made some precious precious friends here at work who are from India and Vietnam, and they are just as distressed about this as we are....after all they are Americans too :)
Thelma and Kayann...I know what you mean about the images on TV really tugging at the heartstrings. Just seeing the faces of those poor families is tough...but when they show pictures of the missing loved ones...it's just so hard not to cry. I agree...the relationship between a mother and daughter is a precious thing, and when you put yourself into the places of those families who are missing a loved one..you can't help but truly feeling the empathy. I feel so helpless, but all I can say is my heart goes out to those families and all my prayers are with everyone involved...

Snowy's Mommy
09-14-2001, 08:23 PM
I feel glued to my TV screen, just hoping to hear one happy story.....

Aly said that she didn't want to do anything---get out of bed, go outside--I didn't either..but she is right, the enemy wants us as a nation to be paralyzed...but we are showing them that we aren't by the prayer vigils, flying flags and all of the volunteers out there.

Thelmalu, I am an only child as well--I can't even imagine what that woman who is looking for her mother is going through now..can't even understand the magnitude of that pain.


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