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02-26-2005, 11:24 AM
Read the birthday thread and counting the days until mine made me remember a little funny my friends and I put together in high school...maybe some of you will get a kick out of this... :D

Conception Calendar!!!

If you were born in....then you were conceived during ____ because....

January - April (Easter/rainy day blues)
February - May (Memorial Day weekend)
March - June (Vacation time)
April - July (4th of July...fireworks)
May - August (end of summer celebration)
June - September (Labor Day Weekend)
July - October (Halloween...lol)
August - November (Thanksgiving)
September - December (Christmas)
October - January (New Years/Keeping warm)
November - February (Valentine's Day)
December - March (St. Patricks Day ?!?!?)

Since I was born in March...I was conceived in June....Wonder where my parents went?!?!? lol ;) :p

(I know, I'm weird).... :rolleyes:

02-26-2005, 11:26 AM
My son was born in March and I know we were camping that June..lol..

02-26-2005, 11:27 AM
I don't get it:o

02-26-2005, 11:31 AM
You take what month you were born...lookin back to when you were conceived...by the month calculations ...(adding 3 months to the 9 months of pregnancy) it is just telling you what kinds of things were going on during that month...
I was born in July..so that means MY parents got pregnant in Oct which was Halloween..saying they were "celebrating" Halloween which resulting in ME..lol...just a fun thing..

02-26-2005, 11:36 AM
Originally posted by GraciesMommy
My son was born in March and I know we were camping that June..lol..

hehee!!! I love it when it works out :D That is so funny!!!

02-26-2005, 11:38 AM
Oh ok:rolleyes:LOL

02-26-2005, 11:39 AM
The 4th of July I know when I was becouse dad had just been in Korea in the Army for 6 months.

02-26-2005, 04:53 PM
I don't know if you all remember that 80's party that Mike and I went to last May...but I *think* that is the night Tyler was concieved. :o