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10-14-2001, 02:11 PM
I just received this awesome link in an e-mail. There is much to see here and a lot of it is "behind the scenes." It is sent to encourage the nation to remember why we are in this conflict and to remember all of the victims. It will make you cry but it will also make you so proud to be an American!!! It will take a long time to load if you don't have a cable modem. Here is the note that came with it....

This is an awesome tribute site. Fair warning it is a 7.1MB download takes about 5 min. at 28.8
Less than 2 min. with cable modem. Well worth the wait.

Former User
10-14-2001, 02:24 PM
Thanx for the link... very touching, and definitely worth of the waiting.

10-14-2001, 05:28 PM
Wow, what a tribute!!

10-14-2001, 08:20 PM
Oh my gosh, had to stop it early. The tears are flowing. What I saw was really beautiful :( :( :(

Dixieland Dancer
10-15-2001, 09:44 AM
This was definitely the best tribute I have seen! Thanks for sharing the link. :)

10-15-2001, 10:00 AM
Thank you for sharing this tribute - it was wonderful - gave me goose bumps!!!!