View Full Version : kind of down :(

09-03-2001, 11:14 AM
This week my dad will be moving and he can't take the dogs with him :(. We will be giving them to his ex-girlfriend, we know she will tkae care of them. I do not know where he is moving, all I know is that he is moving in with a friend and that we will hopefully be getting our puppy from my grandparents' house. Myabe they will have dogs there where he is moving, I sure hope so!

09-03-2001, 06:08 PM
banditank...need more info....why is your dad taking all the animals????can you care for them yourself???? i hate for you to loose your beloved pets....but is it the right thing to do?????? the deli dog.... ;)

09-05-2001, 06:00 PM
Well, the dogs were really my dad's girlfriend's dogs, but they ended being all of our dogs, really. Since he is moving out of there, she won't let him take the dogs with him, but we will hopefully be getting our Australian cattledog puppy (blue heeler) from our grandparents' house. I will really miss them, but I never really did get that attached to them, but they were all sweeties.