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08-07-2001, 01:46 PM
I ahd a Floppy Ear Bunny whne I was three when I lived in St Cloud, Florida and he ran away (I don't know how!!!) and he got hit by a car and died!!!!!!! We were so close to each other just one day he died!!!! I was so sad!!! I cried and moped around for daysss I < I was a dramatic little 3 year old> Well sorry you guys had to think about a tiny little cute rabbit getting run over but thats the way it is sometimes!!! SOB SOB!!! :( :( :( :(

08-07-2001, 02:27 PM
One of the worst/best memories I have from my childhood is about bunnies. We weren't able to have indoor pets, so my Dad made a comfy cage for a bunny. We got a big white one and oh, he loved his treats! Then a roaming dog killed him, and we got another small black bunny. Unfortunately, the dogs got that one too, and we stopped.

But I do remember how soft and sweet the buns were, and I especially remember how my Dad wanted to make things right for his little girl! :)

08-07-2001, 07:26 PM
When I was little I was always on at my parents to let us have a pet. After scaring my mother countless times by disappearing into gardens/stables/hutches/kennels etc. she persuaded my Dad to get a pet for us. My Dad was the manager of a milk business at the time and he came home one day with a black and white rabbit called Harvey.
Dad told us that he had stopped for a break by a field and Harvey had run up to him and asked to come home with him. Harvey wanted someone to love him and cuddle him and he thought that I could do that!
Well, yes, of course I could!!
I spent hours and hours cuddling Harvey and trying to get him to talk to me like he had to my Dad. Dad said that Harvey wasn't happy with the size of the carrots and greens I was feeding him. For the first time ever I was happy to go shopping with Mum. To find the best veggies for Harvey was my mission in life! But still Harvey wouldn't talk to me the way he talked to Dad.
So I came up with the only reasonable solution! Harvey wanted fresh veggies - very fresh.....and there were plenty of those in the next door neighbours garden!
Still Harvey wouldn't talk to me. The next door neighbour spoke to Mum and Dad quite a lot though and eventually Dad said that Harvey wanted to go back to his family. He loved us but he missed his Mum and Dad and the grass in his field was much better than the veggies next door.
Second in command to Dad was Sandra...lovely lady. Whenever Harvey's name came up she used to go all misty eyed and say she never thought a present could cause so many problems and wasn't it amazing how well I had bonded to a rabbit? Sandra was the kind and loving soul that took me to my first circus as I had a broken arm and she knew I enjoyed animals. She sat me on a baby elephant to have my photo taken and was then asked to leave as I was screaming my head off that the baby wanted it's mother and how could they put a chain on it and hit it?
So, anyway, Harvey went home to his family. I went to sleep one night safe in the knowledge that the lovely Sandra was making sure Harvey found his field and that he was happy.
The next morning as Sandra walked into the kitchen to get her instructions for the day I followed her from the garden, eager to hear of Harvey's reunion. My Dad saw me and asked Sandra, "So, how was Harvey last night?"
Sandra, having no idea that I was right behind her, replied, "You could tell that rabbit was used to good grub.....he was delicious!"

08-07-2001, 09:44 PM
How awful! How awful - both the circus experience and poor Harvey!

I reccomend a houserabbit as a pet for an adult, not just a child - imagine your own sweet, soft bunny hopping around the house, chewing the electric cords - oops - okay, you do have to bunny-proof first, but someday each of you can have a bunny again. Lots of people don;t know they can be litter-box trained, no-one I knew as a child had an indoor bunny, but it is different today! Think happy future-bunny thoughts!

08-07-2001, 11:12 PM
OH MY GOODNESS! I have tears in my eyes! How horrible!

I second Karen in nominating bunnies for pets! I have a house bun, Sophie, who is a complete joy to have around.

I wish every one of you a brighter bunny future!!

Daisy's Mom
08-08-2001, 12:03 AM
That's awful! Bunnies are sooo cute :(
I hope you are able to get another honey bunny someday!

08-08-2001, 01:24 PM
That is so SAD!!
I know how you guys feel though. This is Breezybabe_01 for those of you who remeber me! I found a rabbit last year, and he was just a little thing, and we kept him for a while, but he died!!! I miss him very much. Now, I have a lop-eared rabbit named Cinnmamon, and she is a cutie pie! She looks just like Roger, the July 22nd (i think that's the date!) pet! She is white with light brown spots. Well beter get going! Anyone feel free to e-mail me anytime!!!