View Full Version : riding again

08-14-2000, 03:05 PM
The other day we rode my grandpa's oldest mare, Ann. she's 20. We rode her bareback while someone led us around since she hasn't had a saddle on in 5 years. We put a saddle on her to get her back in the mood. We took it right off because she was nervous. We got back on her bareback. When my friend, Lanna was riding her Ann started jerking her head, she leaned back and sat on the ground. Lanna jumped off as fast as she could. Quarter Horses are good at sliding and such. I don't think we'll be riding Ann anymore.

08-23-2000, 12:47 PM
It sounds to me like Ann is ready to retire to pasture LOL, How many years have you been riding, I have for 6 years and I just love it I am the happiest when I am travelling the trails on my Mare or galloping her across the country meadows, latly I have been doing alot of bareback riding It feels so nice when we gallop bareback (my horse loves to run) I just love the feeling of you and your horse becoming one (moving together) My horse is my best frind.

But I don't understand how you are explaning Ann "Sitting down" You are right about how Quarter horses are good sliders but they don't just sit down, if you have seen a horse in the show ring doing reining They run at full speed then the rider says to whoa and they do a "sliding stop" Ann probably just didn't want to listen so she laid down.