View Full Version : deoes your pet do funny things?

10-18-2001, 02:11 PM
does your pet do anything funny? tell me

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10-18-2001, 03:22 PM
When we walk down our hallway our cats will attack our heels. All of our cats have claws but two so this is very painfull when the 3 with claws attack us.But it is funny to see people walking down the hallway wiht cats attached to there feet.

10-18-2001, 06:05 PM
how funny! my cat polly attacks your feet at night when you move them.so we try not move them.

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10-22-2001, 07:38 PM
Yes my cat does do funny things, he, likes to attack feet and attempt trip people down the stairs by diliberately running diagnally in front of them!

10-22-2001, 07:47 PM
Puffer, I totally know that feeling!!! :rolleyes: What is it with cats being underfoot?? Marius likes to try and do that tripping thing on the stairs, and he also has a foot fetish. He just loves feet. I don't know why. He'll just rub his face all over my feet or chew on them. It's even better if it's feet fresh out of the shower! He's like in sheer bliss!!! He'll also lay on the floor with his head resting in any shoe that may be laying around. Yikes, can't imagine having my nose in hubby's shoes! Yuk! :eek: LOL LOL
He also has this "freaky cat freak out spat" every now and then. It's really funny because he gets all twitchy then takes off running around the house for no reason at all! It's very strange, but quite humerous. :D

10-22-2001, 09:59 PM
Sophie Bunny attacks people who wear socks.

Don't believe me? Ask the roommate! :rolleyes: LOL (She will now ask if Sophie is out BEFORE she puts on socks! lol)

10-23-2001, 07:21 PM
Miz Sophie! That is so cute!!!I can totally picture it...

Noah does lots of funny things, for example right now he is laying in the dreaded pet carrier...he hates it when we take him to the vet!! He chases flies, he even climbs the walls trying to get them! He drinks water out of only only my glass, I guess daddy has kooties! He flops down when he lays on the bed with me and the funniest thing is that he likes to sleep on our empty bird cage! Silly! :p

10-24-2001, 08:37 PM
what is up with cats and feet? my cat likes to lick feet fresh from work! :eek: she also likes to lick your hair. she does it for an hour without stoping if you let her!

10-25-2001, 08:34 AM
Cookie loves to lick the batter bowl after we make cookies or cakes. Once she got the bowl stuck to her head because she was too greedy and tried to jam her head into the small base. It took quite a bit of Vaseline before it came off... you should have heard the poor baby howling!

10-27-2001, 09:30 AM
Misty is quite the little girl. She likes to get me in trouble with her Dad. I will be fixing a meal and she walks between my feet just caring on and once in awhile she will let out a squeel like I steppped on her. My husband will say did you step on her she sounds like she is dying. I know she does it to get his attention because it happens about every day. He will come to her and console her and everything is fine. It has become a game to us in the kitchen. She is so funny. Spoiled too!! ;)