View Full Version : Elephants

Jamaican 17
03-30-2001, 04:36 PM
All elephants are cute and cool! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/cool.gif What do you think?

04-01-2001, 08:42 PM
Until a couple of years ago I never really thought about elephants one way or another. But, after I watched several shows on the discovery station on elephants I realized what intelligent animals they were! That they really shed tears when they are sad & have such a long memory. Seems that they are much smarter than we have given them credit for.

Ben E Gas
04-02-2001, 07:48 AM
elephant's are great. do you have any pics of your elephants?

Jamaican 17
04-02-2001, 03:27 PM
No, I don't have any pictures of them, but my scanner doesn't work anyways. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/frown.gif