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01-12-2002, 02:08 PM
Ilove hounds: I love your new signature! I have to say, all 3 of your pets have the most intelligent looking faces! They look so thoughtful and smart, like they are figuring out all the problems in the world! When I was 5, I was attacked three times by a neighbor's beagle named Joey! I loved him and always wanted him to like me but whenever he got loose, he came directly to my house and bit me! I ended up in the hospital all three times and still have the scars on my arm. (I'm 30 now!) Eventually dog control had to come and take the dog and put him to sleep :( Sorry! I felt terrible too then and even now about it but I guess that's the law. Anyway, since then , I've never really known another beagle so I guess I have some kind of animosity towards them. I love hearing your post about Hannah and Copper (Great name!). I wish you lived closer, I would come up to see them and get over my "fear" of them!

PS We had a cat at the time so maybe he smelled the cat on me and didn't like it? Or maybe he just didn't like me? :( He never bit any of the other children in the neighborhood!

01-12-2002, 09:21 PM
Oh how scary, Jennifer! I must say, that beagles are usually not at all like that! I am so sorry that you had that experience, but glad that it didn't hurt your psychie enough to prevent you from ever loving a dog again!!!

I must say that beagles are some of the sweetest, kindest, even tempered and most gentle breed of dog I have ever come across. Although some make difficult pets because their hunt drive is so strong, for the most part, beagles make wonderful family dogs. In my entire life I have only come across one aggressive beagle and it was VERY aggressive, but an enormous amount of friendly ones :)

I also think that Hannah, Copper and Simba look great in your sig, ilovehounds :) I like the pics and the background.

01-12-2002, 09:30 PM
My sister has a beagle, Ginger, and she is adorable and sweet with her human friends, but bring another dog around and it is bedlam! I think that all goes with not being properly introduced, but several years ago, I spent the night in the emergency vet on New Year's Eve with Kaycee, because Ginger put a neat puncture wound right in her back!

Angie, your signature is gorgeous, and your babies look wonderful. I know they don't fit Ginger's profile, I was just letting Jennifer know that she was not alone in the biting. :)