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01-20-2001, 08:28 PM
I will try to post an image and if it comes up I will then give a profile of him.

ok??? http://www.cavycompendium.com/photo_query.php?id=7


Michelle and the weekers

01-20-2001, 08:30 PM
Ok yes it came out. Here is the profile for one of my guineapigs.Coco is a male black and white peruvian.He is 1years old. He is very special to me I love him dearely. He goes to retirment homes with me and he is so great with the people http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif He also puts up with 1 year old Christina. If I were him I would bite her(see how good of a Guinea pig I would make) Coco came from this board. I wrote how I wanted a showable pure breed peruvian guineapig. Someone answered and we worked things out to go to Pulman and pick him up. It was love at first site. He has strawberry jucie all over his cute little chin. And you would not believe how much personality he has. He loves pets and cuddles and if he does not get it find your ear plugs. Within the first couple of days he already had a bad experiance with me. I took him out to graze and left for a second came back and he was soaked. The spriklers had come on. He never forgave me for that. Another time he was out to graze he had excaped and ran into a big road. A lady stopped thinking he was a baby skunk and almost took him home. Then we came out and he was about to be stolen when we saved him. I still can not believe that a little SKUNK can stop a busy street. I am amazed the news crews did not come. Well now Coco is afraid to graze. You should see him. He refuses to eat the stuff while out there. He will eat it inside though. He is just a silly pig. He has also won many grand champion ribbons at the fair too. I am planning to show him in clubs soon. He will do just fine. I have never seen a hard competition at the fairs yet. I give all the credit to his breeders and Coco's wonderfull personality. He is the best of all worlds. He shows butifully, has great personality, good senses, cute, cuddely, and the best dad to his 3 children.. How could you not like a face like that http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif

I Love My Aussie
01-21-2001, 07:28 PM
I have two guinea pigs named Peaches and Apache. Peaches is a purebred blue and white broken variety abyssinian. Apache is a tortoiseshell and white carrying agouti Abyssinian/American shorthair mix. I believe Apache is pregnant but I'm not sure. I would post their pic but I don't know how so if you wan't their pic e-mail me at [email protected]!!!!!!!!!

*Get a Grip Get an Aussie*

01-22-2001, 11:10 PM
just sent the pics to me @ [email protected]
Here are some of my other pics. I rescue and breed and show so naturly I have dozens. Here are the other two I keep just as pets and are keepers.Glacier is a white abby. She is about 4 years old and very sweet. Her life came in a rocky start. She did not get enough calcium when she was little and her teeth breaks off often and her bones are brittle. She is to skinny/underweight even now. I rescued her and now she is happy. She gets more calcium now and her teeth do not break as much. She has a room mate named cuddles and they remain the best of friends. She is one of my rescues that poped out at me and now has a permenent place in our hearts. Her favorite food is green leaf lettus and clovers. Her favorite time is anytime and she is just a fun loving piggy. In this picture she is showing her lovely side and shows it very well. I think she is one of those quality pets that are miracles that just touches everyones hearts. http://www.cavycompendium.com/photo_query.php?id=24 http://www.cavycompendium.com/photo_query.php?id=5 Cuddles is my abby/peruvian mix. She is extremely smart. I love her to death. In the picture she is playing dead and on the other showing her none belly side.


01-22-2001, 11:16 PM
I entered Cuddles into a photo contest here and if you would please look through the pictures and vote. Thankyou. My # is 111. So if you choose me.emailto:[email protected] With the number. http://www.thepetproject.com/lazyother2000.html