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01-13-2005, 05:18 PM
sorry my key won't work
Buster=we were going to name him Bullwinkle but my parents thought that would hard to remember so Buster just stuck his full name is Buster Brown
Miagi=My mom was going to name him Meowgi and then she came up with Miagi and that's how his name came about.
Ginger=My grandmother named her because of her color
Dodger=his former owners named him Dexter and no offense momofdex but I thought that was a little nerdy for a guinea pig so I named him Dodger
Jenny=my mom spells her name Genny we named her after my grandmother Geneva and just added an n and a y to Gen
Rocky=we named him that because we got him in a town name Rocker
how did your pets get their names sorry my d key won't work i got a noodle stuck in it ughhhh

so where I put an arrow like this ex: <--i<-- the arrow stan<--s for the letter

01-13-2005, 05:52 PM
Maggie Mae got her name from 3 things, My mom loves that song Wake up Maggie May, my sister loves the name Maggie, and we got her in May!:D So that just worked out although I was mad that I didn't get to choose her name, I wanted to call her Toby because I have a thing with guy names for girls!(I love it! dunno why either)

Simon got his name from my mom, I don't know why she named him that.

Hannah got her name from my mom, I don't know why that is either.

Marty got his name after it was pulled out of a hat:p

Alex was named before we got him

Poppy was named because he just pops out of no where all the time

Collin was named before we got him(I think, I'll ask my mom later)

Tiger Lily, Princess Tiger Lily, Princess Lily Fluff, or Lily was named all by me:) lol her first name Tiger Lily because she played in our Tiger Lily's when they were in bloom and she has the color of them and then Princess was added because Collin loves her and he's king(Queen just didn't fit right) and Fluff because she's so fluffy!

Jenny because everytime I looked at her I always thought about the name Jenny. I don't know why either! Also because she came to us as a stray and we just called her mama since she had kittens so she needed a name

Max I don't know why he got his name but his nickname is Mr. Green Eyes because of his beautiful green eyes!

Squishy got his name because I was sitting on my cousin's bed with him and my cousin and we were trying to think of a name for him, downstairs the rest of the family was watching Finding Nemo and the part came on when Dory started to talk to the Jellyfish(I shall call you Squishy, you are my squishy and that's what you will be or something like that:p ) My cousin started to repeat the lines and Squishy started to wheek, so I decided that he wanted to be named that!

Keeley got her name because she is my beautiful baby girl and Keeley means beautiful in irish

edit: oh and Dot got her name because her show name was Little S B and Mary didn't want anyone to think of anything bad :rolleyes: lol so she tried to think up a quick name, looked at her nose(there's a blaze and a black/brown dot in the middle of her blaze!)

01-13-2005, 06:20 PM
Squeekers: I didn't name her, but her previous owners found her as a stray when she was a young kitten out in a storm. She had a cold and couldn't meow, she only squeaked.

Misty: She has a mist-like appearance.

Dusty: He's kind of a dust color.

Maggie: I named her after the main character in the movie Faithful.

Autumn: Her fur are the shades of Autumn.

Cinnabun: She looks like cinnamon.

Sophie: I've always loved the name.

Austin: Didn't name him.

Jack: When he first started coming to our house we shooed him away as he was bothering the doe, so when we caught him we were thinking of a name and on the radio we heard the song "Hit The Road Jack". So he became Jack.

Dasher: He dashes from here to there.

Cupid: She's very affectionate and gives lots of kisses.

Dancer: When she hops she spins like she's dancing.

01-13-2005, 06:31 PM
Lacey: just a name I've always loved

Mandy:just the name we came up with when throwing around names trying to name her

Sassy: named after the cat on Homeward Bound

Missy: she had this name when we adopted her at 3 mo so we kept it

01-13-2005, 06:33 PM
Josie: It was a name of a girl for a book I read just before I got her. I couldn't really think of anything else XD

Smitten: I couldn't deside from 2 names. Mittens and something else I don't remember. So my mom suggested Smitten. Neither of us knew it was an actual word at the time XD lol

Zeke: From a show I really liked at the time called Tour of Duty. Zeke was a really cool character, and I loved the name.

Kiba: I really wanted a Japanese name. I picked 'Kiba' up from 2 anime's. Wolf's Rain and Naruto. It means Fang. I just like the sound of it :)

My next kitty (if ever XD) will be named Nazo. Japanese for enigma. Love that for a black (or white) male kitty.

01-13-2005, 06:48 PM
Mackenzie: She kind of picked the name. lol. We were at the breeder's to "look" at GRs and we were talking about the name Mackenzie, and right when I said it she came r-u-n-n-i-n-g over!!

Muffin: Muffin was a street rescue, and the lady who rescued her who was trying to adopt her out was calling her "Lolly". After a couple of days having her at our house, we were deciding on a "permanent" name, and we were sitting in the playroom and she was sitting on the other side of the room and we were trying out different names to see if she would answer. Finally I said, "What about 'Muffin'? haha" and she jerked her head around and ran to us. Hence, her name!!

Zeus: when we got Zeus we were debating on a couple different names. He was just a baby and one day when I was coming home from school with my mom I said, "so, have you decided on a name yet?" and she said, "He's Ziggy the Piggy!" but I decided that I didn't like the name Ziggy, and I wanted something masculine that would match his attitude. lol. I suggested Zeus and everyone was like, "whatever." So that's what we decided on. lol.

Freckles: If you've ever seen his coloring, it's kind of self-explaintory. lol.

Baybi: After we took her home, we couldn't decide on a name. We were thinking of calling her "cleo" but I didn't really like that. At the time, I was just calling her "baby". So it kind of clicked and stayed. Then we changed the spelling to "Baybi" because it was more *exotic*. lol.

Harold: When we brought him home we couldn't think of anything creative. I just said, "what about 'Harold'?" and everyone agreed that was a good name. lmao.

It Must Be Magic (Merlin): he just came with that name. lol. his show name is "It Must Be Magic" and his nickname is "Merlin". Kind of makes sense, huh.

haha, not very exciting.

01-13-2005, 06:54 PM
scribbles and doodles got their names from their markings, scribbles looks like someone scribbled a little on him, and doodles looks like her was doodled all over lol
Cinder we thought was a girl at first, and his name was cindy(was a pair with cinnamon) but when he got older and we figerd out he was a boy we changed it to cinder
Stubby came to us with only half her tail so I just called her stubby right from the start and sniffles.. she is stubbys cagemate so I wanted another "s" name lol

Happy-happy was her litter name, it suited her so I kept it :p
Misty-I got her at christmas and we wanted a christmasy name, at first it was to be mistletoe christmas, but when we brought her home that christmas was quikley changed to "mischeif" lol
Perky-the name she was given at the shelter was biscute, we hated that and chnaged it to pebbles, that did not stick and we changed it to Roxy, that did not stick either and it became "perky" and that one stuck :p
Ripley,well that one was tricky, he was 8 months when we got him, and his name was "roscoe" he hated that so we thought for a while and named him "Ripleys believe it or not we got another dog"
and Blair-it was his litter name, and the time that he came to us was amusingbeing that his name was Blair so we kept it lol my dad does not think its so funny though(Blair was the name of an old boyfriend of my moms, and Blair was given to us shortly after my mom and dad seperated)

the piggies all have names that relate to their markings exept Friskit,and a few others.
Friskit-very frisky
smores-looks like a smore
Patch-has a patch over one eye
Poppy-she is very.. poppy. lol
Smudge-all chocolate with one white smudge on his neck
Spud-my dad named him, he was born shortly after my brother left home, so my dad gave the one nameless piggie my brother nickname "spud"
Blizzard-he has a wild purewhite coat
checkers-her butt, in perfect rectangles is percisly half roan and half chocolate lol
Blondie-I dunno, my mom just wanted a pig named Blondie for some reason
Puddin-my mom said she looks like vanilla and chocolate pudding lol

Kari-her name is short for caramel for short my friend suggested carry, but I did not really like that, does not suit her at all, but it gave me the idea for "kari" pronounced car-ee

01-13-2005, 07:00 PM
Shadow was given her name the day she was born as she was the only black kitten in the litter.

Whisper was given his name because he never meowed as a kitten. Name given to him by his previous owners.

Callie was named Callie because I confused a calico and a tabby. My husband claims she is named Callie for California. Who knows? Either way it stuck. :D

Kahn was given her name when we drove past a billboard in Tucson for a man running for office with the last name Kahn. I liked it and gave her the name.

01-13-2005, 07:33 PM
Snowy: My sisters and I named her. Her fur is white, like snow.
Taffy: He is the color of taffy.
Buttons: At first, my dad named him Boomerang (lol) and than a PTer came up with the name Buttons!
Sushi: His full name is Not Sushi, exactly what he is, not sushi! And my dad gets a kick outta it!

:D :D