View Full Version : a lazy day

01-12-2005, 11:02 AM
fritz having a lazy day so far.When he got up this morning,he went to the rec room to sleep with dad and when dad went up,he followed and came right to my door,pushed open,first laid down on floor ,then jumped up on my bed.Then i went and had breakfast and then to the computer.When I came up ,he was still on my bed and stayed there until about 10 when he heard talk out loud at dad who had just slipped on some ice,he's fine.Then at 10:20 he goes to dad in the kitchen who's having soup,so he figured i had something ,so he came to my bedroom looking.I hadn't had it yet,but did shortly after and I let him lick the bowl clean after i was done,You should see what he goes through to get something from me.he sat up and begged on my bed and he'll put his paw out also..After lunch,he had a little chew with his water bottle.did that for a few minutes and right now he's snoozing beside dad on the couch.That's his lazy day so far.

01-12-2005, 11:12 AM
hope you wernt hurt in your fall!!!:( :eek:
Fritz's day sounds like an average day for Lucy.. she is the worlds laziest dobie!!!!!!
Merlin tries his best to get her going but she ignores him for the couch!!!