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10-07-2001, 06:19 PM
Aspen is my hampster. I bought him lots of toys but he won't play with them! The only hting is he loves to play wiht my old toys. I used to play with like barbies and stuff and youk now how you can get all these lil items for them. Ya well he loves to play with that stuff. Expecially the chair! He sits on it and looks so cute! He also sleeps on the table (Just like me). He also likes to play with the Barbie. He cleans her hair and licks her hands :p . I think someone has a girlfriend! Hee hee. Also Aspen has "wings". His fur sticks out from his side which makes him look like he has wings! Its so cute. I call him my lil angel. I am going to try to post pics of him and his chair abd his girlfriend. I haven't got any of him sleepin on the table. I thought you gusy would injoy hearing about things he does. He is so cute! :) :p

10-07-2001, 07:00 PM
wow! that's weird! wish i had some advice for you! ..but all i have is a story, ...sort of.

my Rat Terrier was never really one for playing. she'd play like for two minutes w/ a ball or a sock, then she'd be done. but she LOVED the clear wrappings off of cigarette packages.

10-07-2001, 08:14 PM
Buddy, That sounds so cute of Aspen!! Hope you get a picture up.

10-08-2001, 07:43 PM
That's so cute! My only advice is to sit back and enjoy. My rabbit wouldn't play with any toys but the garbage can!!!!!! She ate leftover food out of there, and got dryer lint stuck in her whiskers. At first I tried the bad girl look, as you can guess, she wasn't fased, so i went to plan B, and just enjoyed it. I did move the food to a new garbage can though. After I noticed she was getting plumper!!!


10-08-2001, 08:55 PM
I love it! It is so cute. I put them in the bath tub last night and then set him in. He went to work. He moved the chair towards the table so he could step onto it. It was so cute!

10-08-2001, 09:15 PM
Aspen sounds so adorable! I was going to get a hamster too, actually, til I saw my baby Buster! (guinea piggy)

I do have a little advice, probably not what you want though. PLEASE make sure he doesnt chew off 'his girlfriend' Barbie's hair and either ingest it or get it caught around his toes. I had a hedgehog who almost lost it's toe due to my long hair (when I saw what had happened, I actually went to the beauty shop and had 10 inches taken off my hair, just to make sure it wouldnt happen again!) So, just make sure that he doesnt become to fond of the blonde strands!

I cant wait to see the pictures of he and his girlfriend!

-Sam and Buster and Brutus

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