View Full Version : my best friend(s)

12-29-2004, 01:21 PM
this is for one of my bestest best friends ever, my rottie. her name was heidi, and she was one of the sweetest dogs ever, i love u soo much heidi~RIP

buddy-my dog buddy had to be put to sleep because of cancer. the illness came on so fast we had no clue was that sick~RIP

sandy-sandy wasn't the most lovable doggi ever, but we loved her anyway. she was buddy's mom, and she died in her sleep a little while after heidi and buddy died. we beleaved that she died of a broken heart.~RIP

cubby-cubby was my first pet cat that, was mine and only mine. she was so funny, and she had the cutest kittens. she left us to soon.~RIP

romeo-romeo may have been only a fish but he was the koolest fish ever. romeo was a purple beta fish. i had him for 5 years.~RIP

for all my babies, i hope that you are all safe and happy now--luv ur mommy