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07-27-2001, 08:50 PM
I want to see everybody's Birdie!!Put their name,age and what they are (and their pic of
course)!! I don`t have one but I like them alot!! I want one :)
Oh well !! Let`s See those Birdies!!! :)

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07-28-2001, 12:53 PM
These are my two brats.

Thomas a three year old Lovebird and Peaches a four year old dove.
Sorry its a little blurry

07-28-2001, 05:55 PM
Awww... your Birdies are sooo cute!!!

07-28-2001, 07:06 PM
This is the kind of bird I want:


Yep a blue parakeet I wanna learn more about em!! I went to petsmart to get info it was pretty good but it said i needed to put a bird bath like thing in the cage but I dunno what they mean.Can someone Help me??

07-29-2001, 05:41 PM
Here is one of my Peachfaced Lovebirds. This is Appy (male) and Beebee (female) is in the background (sort of). I do not know of their age. They are not tame, yet, but we are working on it.

07-29-2001, 08:27 PM
BandiTank try putting them in your shirt pocket, next to your heart. The sound of your heartbeat calms them, when they get use to being in your shirt lay with them on your chest. If they are really bad at biteing and scared try gaining their trust by feeding them their fave treat throught the cage the when they are use to that take them out put them on top of the cage and feed them from there and then work with them in your shirt pocket. Also talking to them very softly calms them. It worked for Thomas.

07-29-2001, 08:31 PM
A bird bath is just something the birds can bath in. Thomas has a little plastic bath tub, its so cute they should sell them at petsmart. I usually put a little water in my bathroom sink and put the birds on the counter and if they want to play in the water they will if not when I put them back in the cage I give them the little plastic bath tub. There are alot of diferent types of bath tubs, some go on the floor of the cage and some hang on the side of it.

07-29-2001, 08:33 PM
Hey Bandi Tank your bird is so cute!!

07-29-2001, 08:40 PM
thanks ilovehounds!! If I get one(ever) I`l probably use the sink!!

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07-29-2001, 08:47 PM
But do you think it would be better to use this:

07-30-2001, 01:15 PM
Ya sure you can use that :) But I perfer to let the birds bath when they want to, they know when they need to or if they are in the mood to.

07-30-2001, 01:21 PM
How often do you see if they want a bath?

07-31-2001, 12:51 PM
Everyday, when Im cleaning the cages I will put them by the sink (my room is right beside the bathroom so I can keep an eye on them)

07-31-2001, 01:59 PM
Can you tell me more about birds? Please!!

Daisy's Mom
08-01-2001, 01:09 AM
Everyone's birds are so beautiful! I especially love the Peach-Faced Lovebirds, since I really want one :)

Rottieluvr, I had a budgie that looked exactly like the one you want. His name was Izzy and he was a birthday present from my aunt when I was in 6th grade. He was beautiful and made great music when he sang with the 'sister' I bought him, Sunny... but they were both very mean birds and they hated me! They never left their cage, even if I left their door open. From what I've been told you need to get a handfed baby if you want a bird to really bond with you and love you. Izzy and Sunny hated me for no reason and bit me a lot.... hard!!!! I was so sad because my hamtser had just died and they just weren't giving me the love that he had. Not saying this will definitely happen to you... jsut warning you! I wish you luck with your budgie :)

08-01-2001, 08:05 AM
I don`t really know if i`m gonna get one but I think i`m gonna get one for my b-day wich is a few months from now so i`m getting my info and sucking up to my mom!! :)

08-01-2001, 08:09 AM
Daisy`s mom Thanks for the Info!!

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