View Full Version : Bird at my window.

07-12-2001, 12:52 PM
Every morning for past week I have been waking up to this little bird at my window. It just pecks at the window. I always have my window blinds closed. Today 2 more little birds came to peck at my window. I don't Know why they are doing that? Please tell me. Thanks in advanced!

07-12-2001, 07:45 PM
They're probably curious about the blinds. :cool: Or they could be hungry. ^^; There could be something behind the blinds that's interesting to them, or they just want to wake you up. My bird, Java, does the same thing.

07-13-2001, 01:59 AM
there's alot of reasons why the bird(s) could be pecking at your screen.
however, we have some sparrows that like to sit on the ledge of our bathroom window and peck the bugs out of the screen.