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12-25-2004, 10:50 AM
Mousse was a 13 year old dog of one of my friends at work. He died Christmas eve morning while she was at work. I wanted to do something for her and then show this to her.
Mousse, your mommy loved you very much and always will. She will never forget you, though other dogs will come and go in her life. I hope you have fun at the RB. We've got lots of our animals there that can show you around. Hope you're resting easy this Christmas.

12-25-2004, 10:55 AM
What a horrid way to start the Christmas Holidays. :( I feel so bad for your friend. Rest in Peace Mousse, you will be sorely missed. {{{HUGS}}} to your friend, and she will be in my prayers.

12-25-2004, 11:45 AM
There's never a good time to lose a beloved furkid but it's so sad to lose Mousse at Christmas. :( My thougths will be with your friend at this difficult time. Play hard at the Rainbow Bridge Mousse.

12-25-2004, 03:22 PM
Play hard at the RB Mousse,, your mommy loves you I am sure and I hope she knows youre always with her!

12-25-2004, 07:06 PM
Mousse was such a sweet looking dog.:( R.I.P Sweetheart.

Please tell your friend how sad we are to hear of her loss. There
is no good time to lose a loyal friend & companion, but it's
especially sad time at Christmas.:( She will be in my prayers.

12-25-2004, 10:22 PM
Mousse was so handsome. I am so very sorry for your friend's great loss. How hard it must be to lose your best friend of 13 years. Send your friend hugs, please. RIP, Mousse.

12-26-2004, 02:51 AM
To all of you that have been so kind with your wonderful condolences and words of comfort, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. my friend that set up this memorial did it as a surprise to me and i can never thank her enough. I had 13 amazing and wonderful years with mousse and will miss him every day i take a breath. I feel as if my husband and I have lost a child, as we have no human children, our animals are our children. Again thank you all very much, and I will say a prayer for the safety and love and happiness of all of your "children".

12-26-2004, 03:15 AM
Rest in peace, Mousse. He looked like a very sweet and well loved dog. It had to have been so hard to lose him at all, especially at the Holidays. :( {{{HUGS kallisto4529}}}

12-26-2004, 05:10 AM
I'm so sorry for your friends loss. In time wonderful memories of Mousse will comfort her. For now nothing can heal her broken heart, except to know that precious Mousse is once again young and playful and making friends at the bridge with those that went before him.

12-26-2004, 10:56 AM
baby, i am so sorry about mousse, that dog meant alot to me.i know he got on my nerves somtimes but i feel mousse as made me grow alot. and i will greatly miss him.

love hubby

12-26-2004, 11:13 AM
I am so sorry.

Rest in Peace sweet Mousse.

12-26-2004, 10:30 PM
What a sweet pup! How wonderful that you have so many years of memories together. RIP. Mousse, play with Rosie at the RB!

12-26-2004, 10:41 PM
Sweet Mousse - musta been a swwet as butterscotch mousse. He will wait for you at the Rainbow Bridge, where he is healthy and whole again.

Rest in peace, Mousse.

12-27-2004, 08:12 AM
RIP sweet heart!!

12-27-2004, 08:30 AM
I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of Mousse. This must be a terribly hard time for your friend.
I will keep her in my thoughts through this hard time.


12-27-2004, 09:24 AM
I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Mousse. :( Thank you, Valerie, for allowing us to see that wonderful face.


12-27-2004, 09:38 AM
Oh no :(, what a heartbreaking time. To the kallistos, my deepest heartfelt sympathies go out to you at the loss of your precious Mousse. I know you will miss your angel terribly. The emptiness that the loss of a beloved furkid causes is hard to bear, but I hope it brings some comfort to see how others understand and share in your feelings. Mousse is young, healthy and happy at the Bridge, and he'll be waiting when the time comes to meet him again. Rest in peace dear Mousse.

12-27-2004, 11:53 AM
RIP Mousse. :(

12-27-2004, 05:10 PM
My most sincere, heartfelt sympathies on your great loss:(:(:( Your Mousse was such a beautiful pup and I can hardly type for the tears, knowing the incredible saddness you are experiencing right now. Losing a beloved furkid at Christmas time is especially painful and my heart goes out to you. How blessed you both were to have had each other, best buds, those many years. Hold him close in your heart and cherish your memories until that happy day when you are united once more in love. {{{HUGS}}} Sandra

Shanna Kopko
12-29-2004, 05:50 PM
Moussie was the dog of my best friends in the whole world and I wil miss him terribly! He was my little buddy and I loved him so much! Marti, I am so sorry about Mousse but I know he is in heaven running, with speed and agility that he hasnt has in years! Keep smiling and know that moussie was very loved and he knew it! I love you:)i love you i love you

Bailey's Mommy
12-30-2004, 07:24 PM
RIP little Mousse. I am so sorry for your loss. My girl passed on Dec 14th. The pain does ease a little as each day passes. This may be of little comfort now but just remember that mousse is happy at the RB and think of all the happy memories that you have. It helps.

Take Care

12-31-2004, 12:15 AM
Mousse had been apart my sister life for thriteen wonderful loving years. When we got me mousse my son was one years old. They grew up together. I loved that dog so much. For you see he wasn't a dog to us, he was family. He was like my little nephew to me. I know the pain I am in, but it doesn't even come close to the pain my sister and brother in law are in.

To her friend that put this on here. I thank you from the bottom of my hear and to you lovely people Thank You for your kinds words to my sister. My sister and brother in law loved him so much. He was our mousser......Baby all I can say is run after the wind, play with that ball and rolll around with the other ones. You are always here in spirit sweetheart and aunt Jeanne loves you and misses too. God Bless every one of you.
Love Jeanne

12-31-2004, 09:03 AM
RIP Mousse, be young again at the bridge while you wait for your family.

12-31-2004, 08:49 PM
JTazzy, I'm so sorry I have not seen this until now. You and your brother and sil must be in so much pain over Mousse's passing. Take comfort in knowing that Mousse has now made friends with my RB Toshie and they are running and playing happily together, sharing many toys among the sweet grasses of the RB.

hugs to you.