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10-13-2000, 03:55 PM
I have a 14.2 hand high Registered Quarter horse mare named Miss O Dandy Tip (I usually call her Missy)She is sorrel in colour with no marking except a white star with a stripe on her forehead. She has pretty good manners, and is usually an angel when I ride her... but she has her moments. I have only fallen off her 3 times since owning her (owned for 6 months) In the past week I have seemed to be going for non stop rodeo rides down the road.. there is just no stopping her!!!
Please tell me about your horse if u have one....

10-28-2000, 02:08 PM
My grandparents have 5 horses and 4 of them date back to Skipper W. He was a VERY famous Quarter Horse. One of his horses is Skipper W's great granddaughter! That's the closest I've ever seen! I will Tell you about my favorite horse of the 5. Her name is Don't Skip Milliron. We call her Millie. She is sorrel with a white star on her forehead. She has no other markings. She mischevious girl. She was sired by Milliron Himself, and she was foaled by Kaleelong Skippa. Her birthday is March 15, 1991. She was from Indiana and she lives now in Tennesse. Maybe next time I will tell you about Stans Anne, Derby's Cocoa, or Don't Skip a Dance. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/tongue.gif

10-28-2000, 04:06 PM
KEWL Missy's birthday is April 15! Anyways... I am thinking about breeding Missy to another registered Quarter horse horse this year... this stallion is fantastic.... everything Missy dosen't have he has... he is tall and less stocky, a champion Reining horse and good cutting horse. He is a bay stallion named Barry's Rocket Doc, Isn't that the coolest!! it isn't going to be cheap to breed her to him.. but the baby is going to be fantastic!!!!!

11-06-2000, 09:01 PM
I have a years old and is a really adorable registered Paint Horse . Her name is Zip Bar None (Zip) for short. She has the best personality but can be known to get excited. Her sire was HEATH Bar None and dam is Miss King Zippo. She what I thing is a really pretty color on a horse shhe is a strawberry red roan and is very easy o ride and handle. I just love her. Even though I still may be a kid I know horses and have been riding for about 4-6 years I don't count. My horse is versatile and can do Wester to English which we are still working on learning the basics. I bought Zip from a lady who bought her as a three year old and took her in as her trail horse. Zip has been shown for one season and has been given all her trainingfrom me and my trainer to this point with some help from my mother and father.

11-08-2000, 06:24 PM
Cool, I love strawberry roans... it is a pretty colour. When I was riding a few days ago me and my horse fell together!! she tripped while we were cantering around I jumped off.... I happened to be riding bareback, every time I ride bareback something goes wrong!! Once when I rode bareback my friends 3 year old Appaloosa took quite the tumble....