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10-08-2001, 01:41 PM
Hi friendz, itz Sophie Bunny.

I jis wanna share my new pikture with you guys. It sure wuz a chore to get dis thing taken. Herez whut happened:

Mom wanted me 2 poz for a pikture but I didn't wanna. So she dug out some nummy dried nanna piecez and set 'em on de bed. Den she went 2 go git da kamera and I snucked up on da bed and ate 'em 4 she gotz back. Mom wuzn't 2 happy with me. So den she dug outz the yougurt dropz--doz are REAL yummyz. But whenz she rattled da bag, I ran 2 my kage (dat's whut we do when itz time 2 go 2 bedz). She toldz me it wuzn't nite-nite time and 2 kome out but I didn't. So she took apart the kage and dat made me mad so I zippied aroundz da room, jumped on da bed, chewed da cover, and den I jumped in da floor and pooped. Dat's not a berry gud idea. It gotz mom REAL mad. 'Specially sinze I had been so gudz about usin' the litterbox.

She toldz me I was capital T-R-O-U-B-L-E. and I azked her whut capital T-R-O-U-B-L-E wuz and she sedz look in da mirror and I didz but I dunno if I sawz any capital T-R-O-U-B-L-E cos I dunno whut it lookz like.

Anywayz, herez my new pikture. I hope ya like it!


10-08-2001, 01:44 PM
Oh and herez my new friend Faith. She belongz to Noah's Mommy.


Faith lookz like an oreo kookie, huh? Shez cute!

10-08-2001, 03:49 PM
Hi Tonya and Sophie.....

(and my baby Faith too!!! :) )

We want to get a friend for Faith after we fix her. What kind of bunny should we get? Do you think a baby bunny would be OK with her?

Where did you get Sophie?

10-08-2001, 03:51 PM
BTW Sophie, you are SO funny!!!

And such a cutie too!! Faith would like hanging out with you!!

10-08-2001, 05:47 PM
Hi Miz Kelly!

I shure wish we lived close cos I'd like to play with Miz Faith. I bet we'd have all kindza fun!
Mom sez a new baby soundz fun. I sez a new baby soundz like capital T-R-O-U-B-L-E, even though I really don't know whut dat meanz yet. All I knowz iz it haz sumpin' 2 do with the mirror. I think low-earz bunnies are bestest but thatz jis cos I iz one. You should getz a low-earz, we iz real fun!
I hope Miz Faith doz obkb in her 'sir jury.' Oh and how did Mr. Noah doz?

Well, mom sez itz time to get offa here.

Bye, Miz Kelly!
Luv, Sophie Bunny

10-08-2001, 09:03 PM
Adorable pictures! Nice job on the typing too, Sophie! :D

Ps. Buster the guinea piggy wished he was a bunny so he could play with you too! :p

10-08-2001, 10:07 PM
Hi Sam, itz Sophie Bunny.

Typin' kin be real hard. Sometimez, I get tired of typin' with my front feetz so I typez with my back feetz. Only theyz bigger den my front feetz so itz alot harder.

I dunno what a guinea piggy iz but I think I'd like 2 play with one. Mom sez I met a guinea piggy a real long time ago but I guess I was 2 lil' 2 'member it.

Well, Mom has a Shakey-speare paper 2 write so I guess I will go for now.

Bye, Sam and Buster Guinea Piggy.
Luv, Sophie Bunny

Daisy's Mom
10-08-2001, 10:54 PM
Sophie, you are too cute! And you have such a way with words :)

10-08-2001, 11:41 PM
Hi Miz Bridget!

I like yer dawgie! Shez a low-earz 2. But I don't think I'd wanna play with her. Mom sez houndiez like to huntz thingz. Therez a Sara boxer dawgie dat livez with us but shez a big scaredy pup! Allz I hasta do is thump my feetz and shez runz away from me. I'd like to chase her but mom won't let me--sez itz not polite.

Do you think yer low-earz would be nice to me? I'll share my karrotz with her--you can have one 2 if ya wanna.

Well, Mom sez shez really gotta start that Shakey-speare paper--no more puttin' it off.

Bye Miz Bridget and Daisy Low-Earz.
Luv, Sophie Bunny

10-09-2001, 11:55 AM
Sophie, Yours mum must be real smarts to be studding bout the Shaky-Speare guy! My mum says you can fine all the good stuffes in the tabloids!!! :D :D :D
I don't thnk I evur seen a Bun before and I think my mum in hoppy bout that!
Love, Buddy Boy ;)

10-09-2001, 01:31 PM
Deer Misser Buddy Boy~

My Mom sez dat she'd rather study da tabloids. She don't kare 2 much 4 Shakey-speare. She sez alotta wordz I ain't allowed 2 repeatz when she studyz him. She dozn't like da way he portrayz da fee-mail karakterz. But more den dat, she sez dat allz the komedez soundz da same and allz da historikalz soundz da same. She sed she'd rathur studyz Milton or Chaucer. I dunno who they iz but I really dunno who Shakey-speare is either. Allz I know iz Mom letz me chew her Shakey-speare bookz and I like dat.

Well, tellz yer Mom hi fer me. Mom sez I gotta get offa here cos itz time fer us to klean my kage.

Bye Misser Buddy Boy.
Luv, Sophie Bunny

10-09-2001, 04:25 PM
;) ;) ;) We've noticed a serious problem with spelling and grammar in the bunny department here at PetTalk. Since we have so many helpful scholars, perhaps we should invent a home schooling curiculum for the buns to help them on their way.

We might not start with Shakey-Speare, but Sophie already knows a good method of learning - eat the book!

We could start with "Typing for the 4-footed". Then on to "Learning by Eating" with an advanced class in "Learning by Sleeping on the Book".

Of course, we'll have lots of time during lessons for hugs and treats and cuddles. Just remember, dear little bun-buns, if you bring an apple for the teacher, you can't eat it first! :)

If this home schooling works, we can get some of our doggie friends enrolled too!

(This message was written by two very snooty cats that think they know everything already! ) ;) ;) ;)

10-09-2001, 10:10 PM
You, katz dont no nothen! Wez dawgs can pell betters than katz or Buns. Youz just ask Cinders as Smoke they pell reel goud and thay aredy ben to school. So ha ha :D :D
Buddy Boy the dog

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10-10-2001, 12:25 AM
Deer Miz Antipam and Snooty katz,

I dunno if I'd like da klassz 'cept fer mebye da kuddles part. Kin we jis skip straight 2 dat? I also likez my nose skritched. I sitz reeel still when mom doz dat 2 me. I also likez 2 tunnel under da bed sheetz. Datz reel fun 'cept fer when Momz tryin' to sleepz. She sez my softy fur tickles her legs and wakez her up. She thinkz sumpinz in bedz with her and der iz, itz me! 'Cept she didn't knowz itz me and she thinkz itz a spiderz or sumpinz.

Speakkin of spiderz, ya wanna know whut I doz dat totally grossz Mom out? I like to pick up dead bugz and carry 'em around. I doz it jis cos it makez Mom squeal. Ohh..and one timez, a fishy jumped outta the 'quarium and Mom didn't know it. I found it fer her but she didn't appreciate it. She squealedz so I chased her around with it in my mouf. I thinkz itz funny when she squealz. Da fishy wuz all dried and krispy. I toldz her we couldz putz him back inz but she didn't think so. Anywayz, she madez Gramma take itz awayz from me.

I getta go visit Gramma tomorrow! Mom and I are gonna drive therez. I don't mindz kar ridez at allz. I likez to sitz on Mom's shoulder and watch. We hafta go thru da border patrol check point and therez dis one guy who luvz me. He sez I iz reel cute. He usta have bunniez when he wuz youngerz. Oh! and anudder thingz I likez aboutz kar rides, Mom singz me da bunny kar-song. It goez, "Ridin' along in my automobile...My bunny beside me at the wheel." Neither one of us knowz anymore of da song so we jis sing dat part a few timez.

Well, Mom jis pulled out the dirty clothez bazket. I think I'm gonna go roll in 'em. I like 2 do datz.

So goodbyez Miz Antipam and Snooty katz. Lemme know whut you think aboutz jis havin' klassz in kuddling and skritchin.

Luv, Sophie Bunny

PS Kin I jis hava nibblez outta da applez? Dez yummyz!

(Sophie's Mom here...yes, the fish/bug story is TRUE! lol)

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Daisy's Mom
10-10-2001, 05:24 PM
Daisy here.

Sophie, ya sound like a real cute bunny girl and so if we ever got ta play a lil' bit, I'd try real hard not to huntz you. But Mom says I have a big "hunting in-stink" which is a lie cuz she just gave me a bath the other day. But I think you and me would have fun together since we both gots low ears. No thanks on yer carrots, you can keep 'em to yerself. Mom tries to feed me 'em but I don't care much for 'em. I'll save 'em all for you, 'kay? Well I gots to go. Seeya later!

10-11-2001, 02:23 PM
Deer Miz Daizy,

Thank youz fer tryin' notz 2 huntz me. I knowz dat sometimez itz reel hard not 2 do sumpin. Like, I knowz I'm not allowedz 2 goz behind da computer desk, but sometimez I jis can't help myself and I doz it anywayz.

Mom and I made it 2 Grammaz and Granpaz house reel late last night. I rodez on Momz lap fer 3 hourz straight befer I decided 2 goz into my pet taxi. Oh, and do you wanna know whut my Mom didz? It madez me so mad. :mad: *thump* She wuz chewin' gum and shez yawnedz and it fellz outta her mouf and onto my bootyful fur and gotz stuck! Mom sez she felt really badz but I don't believez her cos she wuz laffin.
When we gotz 2 Gramma and Granpaz, she cutz it outta my fur.

I'm sorryz yer Mom sez yer end-stinkz, 'specially whenz she jis gave you a bathz. My Mom sez fer me,it dependz on which end we're talkin boutz. She sez she luvs 2 get bunny kissz after I drinkz my pineapplez juice.

Well, Mom sez I gotta getz offa here. I'll try and write againz soon.

Bye, Miz Daizy.
Luv, Sophie Bunny