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12-12-2004, 02:07 PM
"CATZNUTZ" an e-Newsletter For Cat Lovers

Hi !! My name is Lori and I have a wonderful e-newsletter for Cat lovers called "CATZNUTZ"...

The newsletter covers fun and interesting information about kitties, articles from Dr. Mike, Did You Know"...Fun Sites To Visit..

"CATZNUTZ" is a monthly e-newsletter and is $9.99 for all 12 months.. Since we aren't into January 2005 yet, you will receive the December 2004 issue FREE with paid subscription...

If you're interested, contact me at [email protected]

I accept PayPal, Major Credit Cards, and Money Orders..

You will absolutely love this newsletter, I promise..

Here's a sample..

DID YOU KNOW: Cat's don't have a collarbone... that's how they can slip through such small openings and get into trouble..

DID YOU KNOW: Spaying/Neutering a cat does not mean he/she will put on weight.. Find out what Dr. Mike has to say..

DID YOU KNOW: Cats can suffer from depression just like people.

"Kittie-Whipped": People who are slaves to their cats...(but then who isn't??) Find out what to do..

Cat-holic: Can't stop bringing cats home..

Catatonic (n): Italian beverage most preferred by cats!

Cat's favorite game??? "Hah--I made you look!!"

Is Cloning your Cat a reality??

What to do for the feral cats in your neighborhood.

Have you ever lost a beloved kittie?? Me too...January 2005's issue will include a special poem a reader of mine in Denmark wrote about her cat Majsan... Her poem is entitled, "WHY"??

Send me stories, poems and pictures of your cat(s) and I will reprint them in my newsletter..

Ask Emily: a monthly feature where you can ask EmilyRose anything you need to or want to know about cats...and get the answers from the pro's....

And much, much more... every month promises to bring you the newest, best information on cats out there...plus a heck of a good time too..

$9.99 for all 12 issues...that's less than $1.00 an issue...

Contact me at [email protected] to get your susbsription NOW!!

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