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12-09-2004, 07:04 PM
Do you have medication expenses
each month of more than
$30.00 per month ?
You or anyone in your household?
If so I may be able to
help you save up to 65% off
of your prescriptions !
Call for a free price quote

National Health Care Discount
Promotional code 127465

You are under no obligation
You can only save :)

You can email me at [email protected]

12-12-2004, 06:28 PM
Horace & Donna D. just joined on 8-10-04. Donna was in shock at the amount of savings she will have on Lipitor, Cozaar, Metformin & Altace. She is anxious to refer us to her friends and family and blessed the sales representative as they ended the conversation.

Claire H. of Belleville, MI saved over $400.00 at JC Penney's Optical using her NHCD Optical card. She also saves $94.00 every 3 months by ordering from Canada.

Virginia W. of Madison, FL takes a great deal of medications and will save over $1200.00 per year.

Mary H. will save $518.52 per year on her Lipitor and Plavix alone.

Marilyn J. wanted to let us know how pleasant her experience with our company has been. She was especially pleased with her experince with Customer Service.

Ravi K. of Kansas City, KS saved $124.00 on his first visit with our Dental plan.

Jack R. of Michigan saves $1017.00 per year using NHCD's Canadian Drug program.

David K. of Wisconsin saves over $800.00 per year with the Canadian Drug program and saves with the Walmart Mail Services on his other medications too.

Victoria K. of St. Marie, Illinois is going to save $2825.36 this year on her medications !!!! She will save $1634.16 on her Asacol, $968.72 on Celebrex, and $222.48 on Lipitor !!!

Charlotte M. of Indianapolis, IN was getting ready to have knee surgery in the next few days making it too painful for her to drive to the doctor's office. We filled out the order form for her and her husband - saving them 50% on their medications!!! She was so happy that not only could we save her 50% but doing the paperwork for her "took a load off of her mind" during a time when she was feeling so bad.

Phyllis D., Macon, MO, will save $921 this year on her Nolvadex!!!

Virginia J., Weaverville, NC Virginia called into our customer service department to say how happy she is with her Optical Discount card. She did not need new frames at this time, but received a nice discount on her transition lenses, UV coating, and tri-focals. She has gone to the same doctor for years but decided to try one on our list - she is so pleased that her husband has an appointment with the new doctor as well!

12-12-2004, 06:42 PM
Is this a pyramid scheme or are you a straight salesperson for them? Just curious ... My health insurance covers my prescriptions pretty well right now ...

12-12-2004, 07:51 PM
All I am is what they call a lead generator for them....I get leads for them and they follow up....

It is a nice place to work....

It is not a scheme, I promise you that....

I can always take the add off it that is a problem....

I just thought maybe some of you would be interested since medications cost so much anymore...

For me a discount card on prescriptions is a must

12-12-2004, 07:57 PM
You know what is kinda comical ? I had to go look at what the words pyramid scheme meant...seriously...here in VA we just call it a scam...but anyway in all total honesty...I just wanted to help whoever needed help with their prescriptions ;)

You can look up NHCD from any search engine :)