View Full Version : Handmade Quilts for Charity Auctions

12-03-2004, 08:27 PM
Hello, I am new to Pet Talk. I have a couple of auctions running on eBay that I thought you all might be interested in.

This is a funraiser for Greyhound Pets of America in Portland, to pay the medical costs to repair a broken leg on a dog named Angel.

She was in Florida when the hurricanes hit and all the dogs were evacuated. The adoption group that was holding her sustained too much damage, so the dogs all had to be moved out of state, some as far as Oregon where Angel ended up.

So anyway, the surgery was done a few days ago and she is now recovering in her foster home, before she can be finally be adopted.

Here is a link to her story: http://www.gpa-nw.org/archives/000420.php

I have two beautiful quilts (one of them has a dog theme) that were made and donated to greyhound adoption, by some very talented artists.

Here' s the link http://tinywww.com/MTY2

100% of the proceeds will go will go straight to the GPA-NW Special Needs fund to pay for Angel's leg.

Thanks everyone,