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11-06-2004, 06:51 AM
Yes, I trimmed Katie's nails!

This was no easy feat for me. My girl hates to have her nails trimmed. When she was a pup she would sit there so sweet and let me do it with ease....but....I made the dreadful mistake of clipping one too short and that was all it took, she would no longer allow me to trim them. So the few times that she has had them trimmed have been at the vets and you can probably hear her a mile away and you would think she was dying!

Well, Katie had a bath the other day and was looking so pretty and fluffy and then of course I look down and her nails were just awful looking...sooo long! I hate that! So yesterday I was going to call and see if I could take her to get her nails trimmed. Before I called I went ahead and did Tori's. Tori doesn't like it either but when she is scared or nervous she will run to her crate for safety. This actually make it easy for me. I just lay down in her crate and trim her nails and she hardly moves. She just looks at me with those blue eyes looking so sad. Her big sister was staring at her through the crate bars like "Oh MY, what are you doing to little sis?" Katie was actually doing some little whines while I was trimming Tori's :rolleyes: I just looked up at her and said "You are next!" I figured since I do Tori while she is laying in her crate I would try the same thing with Katie. I have Katie go in her crate and I'm sitting outside the door trying to trim one foot and it is not going so well. She is yelping and whining and acting like she is going to bite my hand. The next thing I know I am completely in the crate with her...lol. She is trying to push me down so she can crawl over me and get out so I actually close the door and lock it....lol. So there I am locked in the crate with my Katie girl!!! What a site we must have been. I hate to say it but I actually wished that someone could have been there to take a picture of us. It took me quite awhile to get the nails all done because after each nail I had to give her lots of lovin', plenty of hugs and kisses and letting her know that she was being so good. My ears were ringing from all of her high pitched yelps though! And....all of that acting like she was going to bite my hands was just that...ACTING! Not once did she bite me or even attempt to hurt me. In fact I got lots of kisses every time I reassured her. My big girl is just a BIG BABY!!

LOL...even though I wasn't looking my best I really do wish you guys could have seen me locked up in the crate with Katie doing her nails.......TOO FUNNY!!!

Hope you enjoyed my silly story!

Robin :)

Here is a pic of my Katie! The bandana is a gift from Auntie Kay!

11-06-2004, 07:11 AM
Well I for one wish I would have been there to see that too! I can just imagine how you felt sitting there with her...I would have wanted to laugh too:p
I'm so glad that she let you do them, now maybe nex time she won't put up such a fuss about it!!

Good Girl Katie! You better make sure mommy gets you a really good treat for being such a wonderful girl:D

11-06-2004, 08:00 AM
I am laughing SO hard imagining you locked up in a crate with Katie! How funny! She should get a nice treat now that she's 'done'. ;):D

Holly's mom
11-06-2004, 08:05 AM
The picture in my mind of you doing that just brought a big smile to my face this morning!!:) I have trouble clipping Holly's nails too. It usually takes two of us to do it, me reassuring and holding Holly, while my husband clips her nails. I've taken her to the vet to have it done several times, because it can be such an ordeal. But now I think we have a method down pat. I lift her onto our kitchen counter stool, have her sit on it, of course, then I put my arms around her, reassuring her in a quiet voice, while my husband clips her nails. I think that being in a confined spot like that really helps. She still carries on like she is being murdered, though.:rolleyes: I had her at the groomers yesterday, so won't have to worry about clipping her nails for a little awhile.

Give Katie and Tori a big kiss and a belly rub (isn't it time for some new pictures?;) )

11-06-2004, 08:41 AM
Thanks for the laugh and great mental image Robin!!

Thankfully, our dogs are all good about gettng their names trimmed...they don't like it, by any stretch, but they tolerate well!

11-06-2004, 08:45 AM

Pssst.. I need some more pics of the girls and their stuff!!
(Especially in their bandanas so I can make you a better fall siggy. ;) )

11-06-2004, 09:02 AM
Oh Geesh! Why didn't you have someone take
a picture of you and Katie in the crate? LOL

11-06-2004, 09:40 AM
Wow what a wonderful story teller you are Robin, I can completely envision it as you tell it. I can even hear it, you just describe it and tell it so well! You may not have gotten a picture but I have quite a good mental image of it :D. I'm so glad you made progress with Katie.

I used to have trouble with Tommy, just because he had never had his feet handled or any grooming when he came to live with us. So when I tried to clip his nails, he'd JERK that foot and try to get up or try to roll over on his back or scoot away, it was a struggle! Then I decided to try using treats. The first time he was heavily treated, I used those freeze dried liver bits that I train with. I gave him one when he laid down, I gave him one when I picked up his paw, I gave him one after he just let me hold and handle his paw, then I gave him one after each clip, after each nail, after each foot. The next time, he was easier, and I just gave him one after each nail, but he was a lot more relaxed. The next time, I gave him a treat after each foot, and he patiently waited and was good, hardly jerking at all. The last time I did it, he just laid there the whole time, placid as can be, and I gave him a treat at the end. :) Cleaning his ears however is a different story :rolleyes: