View Full Version : happy ending!

11-01-2004, 09:42 AM
remember the 'puppy mill rescue" story i posted about here last week?

well..yesterday.. we were part of a transport leg for 4 golden's, the oldest only being 8 months.

the transport started in LA. on Sat. our leg was sunday from Richmond VA to Woodbridge VA. I normaly dont help out because my wife has her own Envoy. ..but this was 4 dogs.. all going to the same new forever home... so i jumped in to help out with my Envoy..

anyway.. they are in thier new home now... and already showing signs of recovering from being in crates thier whole short lived life.... bless thier hearts...

first three pics are us and the guys arriving... the last two are them in NJ at thier new owners as the last transport hands them over... a long ride for the little gals and fellers...