View Full Version : what kinda fish? redoing the tanks..

10-31-2004, 08:24 PM
we have decided to completly restart our fish tanks we have one empty one which I have completly cleaned and scrubbed that will hold the 6 sword tails in the big tank temp. then the big tank, everything but the tank itself is going into the dump, we have black algea in there and cant get it out any other way, then the tank will be scrubbed clean, I am buying a new live plant for it, we will get new gravel and toys etc... and when that is all done the 6 current fish will go back and we will be adding new fish, some more sword tails, pretty colourful ones since all we have anymore is orange we used to have lots of differnt colours. we also want to add some new kinds of fish, some bigger sized ones in addition to our smaller sword tails. we are looking at adding a flaming chinchlid(sp?) and we looked at a lepord oscar too, any other ideas for pretty fish to add? its a large show tank and we would like it to look like a show tank lol also any ideas for pretty smaller fish for the 10 gallon?

11-01-2004, 01:03 AM
Mollies come in different colors and are related to the swordtails. They are fun fishes. :)

I don't know if swordtails/mollies will be safe around a cichlid. We have two and they are pretty agressive fish. Since we restarted our tank about four months ago, we've had six and are now down to two...they eat eachother. :eek: So keep that in mind if you're thinking about those or other agressive fish.