View Full Version : Burpdog biscuits

10-23-2004, 02:10 PM
If your dogs have never had Burpdog Biscuits I suggest that you get an order in today :)

I found out about Burpdog on another message board and with all the hype and talk about them I had to find out for myself if like everyone else said that my dogs would go crazy for them.

THEY DID!!! Now most of my crew are chow hounds but one of my girls is kinda picky and doesn't eat just anything.

Let me just say that she had this biscuit done in two seconds flat and was running back into the kitchen for more.

Take a look at the site, place an order and see for yourself you just won't believe it. I know I didn't :)

Burpdog (http://www.burpdog-biscuits.com/)

Let me just add that I have no connections with Burpdog just that my crew loves them :)