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10-23-2004, 01:34 AM
This post may be more appropriate in the Memorial section, but I just wanted to share a story that my mum told me about my first cat who crossed the Rainbow Bridge over 3 years ago (aged 16).

Jack was my first cat who I had had since I was 3 years old. He came to live with me, my mum and brother along with his littermate and sister Sophie. Jack had a really great life, he was a wonderful cat and had a great character about him. He lived to be 16 years old, and eventually succumbed to kidney failure midway through May 2001.
Not long after he died, mum heard a song on the radio that that particular station had never played before. It was called 'Happy Jack'. This came as a surprise and a shock, but also a relief, to think that Jack had somehow 'communicated' with us to tell us that he was ok. They didn't play that song again for the rest of the year.
The following year, on the anniversary week of Jack's death, the station played 'Happy Jack' a number of times during that week, again not playing it after this time. It was a nice reminder that he was still around, and in a good place.
Coming up to the second anniversary of his death, once again 'Happy Jack' appeared on the radio for that week, not to be heard again after that.
This year was slightly different however. Mum was listening out for 'Happy Jack', but instead heard the station playing 'Hit the Road, Jack', which they had not played in all the time mum was listening to the station and haven't since that time. That tells us that Jack has moved on - he may have been waiting on our side of the Bridge for 3 years, but thought that the other side was a nicer place to be - he could be free, happy and playing with all the other special friends he has now made since being there.
I still miss him terribly, I can't think about him without feeling sad, however he knows that I still love him and that I can't wait to cross the Rainbow Bridge one day to be with him too. I'm glad that he is ok.
Sophie is still around though - turning 20 on the 1st of December!

Pic of Jack:


10-23-2004, 03:26 AM
Jack was very pretty. His markings are so bold. I know the feeling. I had something similar happen. When my cats were alive, I could feel them when they punced onto the bed, I could feel them walking around to find a place to lay down. They are gone now, and I have no pets in my home at all now. Sometimes at night, I can feel a cat jump on my bed though I see nothing. I believe our cats love us as much as we loved them.


10-23-2004, 05:47 AM
That's a lovely feeling - to know that they want to be with you forever. I find it really strange to wake up without a cat on the end of my bed.
Yeah, Jack was a beautiful boy - he had amazing 'cheek bones', he has an almost Burmese kind of face but with black and white markings instead. He had a very strong chin - a good 'muzzle'. I used to call him Chief Little Big Whisker when I was young :)

10-23-2004, 09:36 AM
Jack,was a Gorgeous Cat,and he ,is a Happy Cat Angel,well loved,by his Companions!And when Pouncer,was atthe Vets,the Song Nothing Compares to you,was playing,when she was euthanized,and that song,still resonates,with me,when I hear it!

Laura's Babies
10-23-2004, 10:32 AM
I had one that we were SO connected that we communicate without speaking while he was with me. His name was Sambo and I picked him out of a litter the day he was born and visited him every day until he was old enough to come live with me. We lived way out in the country so he was a inside/outside kitty. When he came up missing, I grieved so bad for him that I would hear him calling me in the middle of the night and I would go to the door and call out to him every time. I knew he was not dead, he was lost and trying to find his way home....somehow, he communicated that to me. He would call me every night, waking me from a rock hard sleep and I would go to the door and call him, waiting for him to come home.

One morning about 5am, I heard him again and it woke me up. I sat up in the bed, realizing his calling was CLOSE. I sat up in the bed and called him and THERE HE WAS!! At my bedroom door!!! My husband had opened the door and let him in and he was HOME! He made one leap from the bedroom door to the bed and was in my arms at long last! He was dirty, his feet was covered with sores and he had lost a lot of weight but he was home at last. Somehow, he communicated to me that someone had taken him off in a car and he did his best to find his way back to me and he was SOOoo glad to be home. He had been gone for 3 weeks.

It was strange how we communicated and we did it often. My husband use to think I was crazy when I would say "Sambo wants ______", "Sambo don't want to do that" or act like I knew what Sambo was thinking... he thought I was crazy.......at first. But he became a believer eventually. We were really connected in a way I have never connected with another animal since. It was like we were "one".

When Sambo died at the old age of about 13 years, I was completely devisitated. My eyes were swollen shut for days from crying, I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, all I could do was cry. I had never connected with anyone or anything like that and I had truley lost my most prescious friend in the world. He was one in a million and I still miss him today...... gee, he has been gone 20 years or more. I look forward to the day that we see each other again!

10-23-2004, 10:43 AM
I have only felt totally connected to one cat and that was RB Bert. He died at the age of 17 - from cancer on his lung. I swear we had conversations with our eyes. I just knew what he wanted and he rarely made a sound. He would come when I called or even snapped my fingers. He knew my moods. Once, when we lived in Lousiana, we were in a very old mansion-type house and he got into the attic and fell down into the wall:eek: We could hear him on the second floor behind the wall, even called the police and fire department but there was no way to reach him. I sat and kept talking to him. Finally, his meowing stopped. I sat in a chair next to the attic door most of the next day - just "talking" to him in my mind....before long, he came sauntering out of the attic!!! His orange fur was so dusty he looked like a grey cat but he had somehow made his way up at least 6-8 feet of enclosed wall space between studs!! Somehow I knew he would be back - and I too had eyes swollen shut from crying yet still felt he was THERE! He is now buried right outside by bedroom window - at the head of my bed. I miss him VERY much!!
I have had many cats over time - but only one cat like Bert:) Guess that is why I love orange males so much!!