View Full Version : Anybody out there want to be my e-mail pal??

10-17-2004, 04:08 PM
Hi! I'm looking for an e-mail pal on pet of the day. This is a little bit about me. I'm from Ohio, USA, I'm 14, I love dogs, I have a pet rabbit, I love about every animal, I love talking. This is a lot about me but there is a lot more too. If you are interested in being my e-mail pal, just e-mail me or add this to the thread. I would love to here from you. Make sure you let me know your user name, age, where you are from, interests, favorite animals, and like I did somethings about yourself. I know we can have fun talking and being pals. My user name is cookieluver7 and I just can't wait to here from you!