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10-06-2004, 11:41 PM
Anyone out there from Virginia ?

10-08-2004, 12:00 PM
*~* Bump *~*

10-09-2004, 11:34 AM
I'm not from Virginia but West Virginia. I was just curious is there any dog parks over there anywhere? I think it would be neat to have a meeting over there somewhere. I'm pretty close to some parts of Virginia.

I have a sister-in-law that lives over in the Shenandoah area.

10-10-2004, 09:40 PM
No I am sure there is not any parks here, only place I know of is in the Northern part of VA :(

10-11-2004, 09:28 AM
Gosh how I wish there was a Dog park here :( :( :( :(

10-11-2004, 11:21 AM
Darn!:( Where in Northern Virginia is it? I'm just curious to how far it is.

I really wish West Virginia had a park too, I don't know why they don't.:(

10-11-2004, 11:51 AM
This is what I found through a web search...

Northern Virginia Dog Parks

Off leash dog parks are new to Fairfax County, but have existed for years in Arlington County and the City of Alexandria. Below are links to dog parks and dog park organizations serving Northern Virginia.

Fairfax County, Virginia


Baron Cameron Park - Sponsored by RestonDogs, Inc.


Blake Lane Park - Sponsored by OaktonDogs. Located between Rt. 123 and Rt. 66 on Blake Lane in Oakton.


HerndonDogs sponsers the new OLDA at Chandon Park in Herndon. For more information about the park or joining HerndonDogs, please visit their web site at: www.herndondogs.org

Mason District

Mason District Dog Opportunity Group sponsors a dog park at Mason District Park in Annandale. Please email Mason District D.O.G. for more information.

South Run Park (Lorton)

Lorton Dogs sponsors the off leash dog park in South Run Park.

Arlington County, Virginia

ArlingtonDogs, Inc.

For a list of Arlington County's dog parks and resources, visit the ArlingtonDogs web site. ArlingtonDogs is a leader in dog park advocacy in the Washington, D.C. area.

Alexandria Virginia

Alexandria Area Dog Parks

For information on dog parks in Alexandria, Virginia visit the city's website at:

Loudoun County

RDOG of Ashburn

For more information on the efforts in Loudon County visit the website for RDOG of Loudoun

10-11-2004, 11:55 AM
I just did a search in Tennessee...How far are you from there ? Dog park in Knoxville (http://www.korrnet.org/knoxdog/) Seems they are trying to get one started !