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Jasper's Mom
07-07-2001, 09:21 AM
After a day of feeling really cruddy, a quiet evening was on my mind. Instead, in the middle of a movie before bed, my youngest son yelled, "Jasper just went through my window". I looked at him, thinking he was joking. But he was very serious. He had opened the bathroom door between our bedrooms and Jasper was there. He immediately raced into his (forbidden) room, up to a screened window, and plunged right through the previously (we thought) sturdy screen. We went right out the door after him.

Into the darkness of night we raced, his treat can in my hand. Outside our front door we met a neighbor walking his tiny dog, and my son raced down the sidewalk looking for Jasper. The neighbor hadn't seen him. I was so upset that this previously reserved, aloof neighbor, a playmate in childhood, actually put his hand on my shoulder to reassure me. What a surprise. Was it so obvious that I was frantic??

I stayed in my front yard, Jasper's previous hangout area. I didn't think he had left and run for it. He never used to leave our yard. Walking around and calling, shaking his can produced no meows, rustling of bushes, nor his usual frantic attempts to receive goodies from his treat can. Back and forth I walked, side gate to gate. And nothing.

I asked my son if he had his collar with bell and tag on or had it come off in his escape. He said it was on. But no bell sounds. We listened and called. At 2am as I was just about to give up and heading into the house, (which is maybe why he moved) I heard his bell. He was in the hedge between the properties and meowed a hello to my son when he found him, but moved away. I approached him and he came right to me. Immediately three loud talking teenage boys walked down the sidewalk near us and he struggled to escape. Even though he was afraid of them, no way, no matter if he scratched and bit me, I was not letting go.

We went back into my room, and he was immediately mellow but I needed to sit down and take a deep breath. I'm so thankful we found him. His escape made me forget I was feeling bum. I would never have been able to sleep if he wasn't found. I would have just layed in the yard so he could find me.

Boy, enough escape excitement. He has been getting better about hanging by the doors. Better at getting along with Eli, who tries bravely every day to make friends. Jasper does like to watch him play with toys and will occasionally attempt to bat at the same moving, or hanging toys while Eli is there. But the growls and hissing continues.

With the big corner rip and another bad screen, it's back to Home Depot. What a surprise. Never underestimate your cat.

Jasper is none the worst for his escapade. My previously "not allowed lap sitting" cat has twice since his escape, asked to and crawled onto my chest again, hanging his front paws over the side of my left shoulder. He's purring so loud tonight, for the first time, I can now hear him easily. Before you had to listen carefully to hear a faint vibration. Hope that means he's glad he's back inside.

The homeless black cat that hung out in my yard and I fed on my front porch is now missing. At the same time finding his real owner, he disappeared. She said he hadn't been staying home for some time because he wasn't getting along with her other cat. I fear the same people who trapped and dumped my Jasper from our front yard thought he was back. They could have trapped the lost black cat too. Strange, the only two missing cats in the neighborhood are both black and on my front porch. The lady who owns "Inky" says he isn't ID chipped either because she didn't want him to experience pain from it. She says she knows otherwise now and is sorry, and has learned a lesson. She left for Kentucky today, a permanent move. My name, along with another neighbor, are listed as contacts with the Hawaiian Humane Society, if he's turned in. I had little hope for the return of Jasper. I have almost none for this other black cat with a short crooked tail. I have no idea what this lady did with her other cat and her 15 year old dog. They did not go with her.

I can't let Jasper be outdoors, no matter how much he wants to. Tough love I say.

4 feline house
07-07-2001, 03:05 PM
Jasper's mom, I know what you mean about not underestimating what a cat can do. I had trapped a very ill feral mom and her four kittens. The plan was to tame and adopt the kittens and put her down. Even as ill as she was, she jumped 7 feet to the bathroom window and jumped clear through it - she didn't even break the glass but the entire window came out of the frame! She was so ill that she died the next day (she was found back at her old home) but she still powerful enough to take the window out.

07-07-2001, 07:58 PM
Jasper's Mom, What an ordeal! I am so glad you got him back. I can relate to what you went through, there is nothing like the feeling that your much loved pet has gotten out into what can be a very dangerous outside world.

Two years ago I gave my boyfriend two kittens, a brother and sister, to keep him company since he lived alone. (I have 5 cat children). He was never a cat person but living with "Jessy" & "Ally" changed his life. These kitties are about two years old now are are his "babies". I've never seen a man love cats so much!

About six months ago, when his cats were about a year old, he called me one morning CRYING on the phone (he's 40 years old) because the wind had blown his front door open during the night of a snowstorm and Jessy had gotten out. His cats are strictly indoors. I jumped out of bed, threw on a bathrobe, no shoes, grabbed my keys and drove over to his apartment to help him find Jess.

It was freezing cold outside and snow on the ground. Every once in a while we would see Jessy running in the distance but we couldn't get near him or he would take off. He was either reveling in this new found freedom or scared to death, it was hard to tell. He would disappear for hours and we would just walk and look for him under every bush and doorstep, calling him and knocking on people's doors to ask if they had seen him. The scariest part was that my boyfriend's apartment is on a very busy 4 lane highway and we were terrified that Jessy would be killed by a car before we could catch him.

Later, we spotted Jessy running under a wooden fence over to the next neighborhood and off I went, fence jumping from one back yard to another, looking under woodpiles, being chased by dogs, cutting my legs and arms on the fences but I didn't care, I had to find Jess. After a while I started to give up hope and began making my way back to the apartment grounds. I came to the last chain link fence I had to climb over and I looked down to see where I could put my foot in for a boost and there, right exactly on the OTHER SIDE :confused: of the fence was Jessy, crouched in some snow and leaves. My heart pounded in my chest because he was so close but I knew he could bolt at any minute. I slowly squatted down and was able to touch him with the tips of my fingers through the fence. He seemed comforted that I was there but I could not reach him to get hold of him. I wasn't about to let him get away so I twisted my bare arm through the chain link fencing as hard as I could and I was able to get my hand far enough to grab a tight hold of the scruff of his neck (he's a very big strong boy). When I knew I had him, I called out to my boyfriend who was about 75 feet away, still looking for Jess. "I GOT HIM!!!!!"

Thank God my boyfriend was on Jessy's side of the fence and he came up and took him from my hand. I was a mess from all the fences, clothes ripped, scratched, bleeding and bruised - but I GOT JESSY BACK! I climbed over that last fence and my boyfriend and I took Jessy and walked back to his apartment. We went in, shut the door behind us and just hugged each other and cried with Jessy between us in our arms.

It was a NINE HOUR ordeal and a day we will never forget. Luckily, Jessy's sister Ally was smart enough not to go out that night when the door blew open. My boyfriend loves Jessy and Ally almost as much as he loves is own children. He thanks me daily for bringing those two into his life and for getting his boy Jessy back that horrible day he escaped. :D

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07-09-2001, 07:07 PM
Whew! How great to hear that Jasper's back safe and sound with you again.

My Olivia was AVID chipped at the vets on Friday and she's accepting caresses again, finally. I didn't realize she was going to 'put me in the doghouse' for taking her to the vets. It's a relief to know she is somewhat safer and very nice to be getting 'cuddlies' again.

Dear Mewsalot,

So glad that you stuck with it and were able to rescue Jessy.

07-11-2001, 07:50 PM
Jasper's Mom! Yikes! And PHEW!!! I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that Jasper is safe, sound and purrrring! I don't think I could go through another Jasper Escape-apade!! :D Hugs and kisses to Jasper!

07-12-2001, 10:00 AM
Jasper's Mom, I'm so glad you were able to find Jasper and bring him home!
Meowzalot, that was quite a story! I'm glad you were able to bring Jessy home safely too!

I can't even imagine what you must have gone through.

07-24-2001, 10:22 PM
Hey Jasper's Mom, how is Jasper doing? You have been pretty quiet lately, and I was just wondering how things are going.

Hope you will check in soon.


07-25-2001, 06:53 AM
Jasper's Mom and Meowzalot, I have an escape story to tell, but it's a funny one with a happy ending.
When I first got Miss Bo, I also got Abby, her calico van daughter. Bo was and is too timid to venture outside. Not Abby! The fearless fat one decided she was going to take a trip in the front yard one day while my husband and I were moving furniture. We had the front door propped open and were right in the middle of hustling a large and bulky dining room table out of the door when Abby seizes the moment and toddles outside. We put the table down as quickly and as soon as possible and I immediately started after Abby. Well, it turned into a game....Abby would wait just until I was withing a hairsbreadth of grabbing her and she'd dart away (it's amazing how fat cats can move when they want to!). This went on for some 15 minutes or so, with my husband laughing so hard he almost fell over. He managed to catch his breath and interdict Abby as she was trying to reach the neighbor's yard. Abby took a detour into the garage with me hot on her heels. My husband had the presence of mind to close the garage door behind us, which trapped Abby. I tried for another 15 minutes to catch her in the garage, but to no avail. I quit in disgust and went into the house, grumbling. After 30 minutes, Jim went into the garage and Abby sweetly greeted him at the back door. He scooped her up and carried her in, the little stinker!! You can bet your life we've made a habit of shutting the cats into the bedroom whenever we've had to prop any door open.
Abby has since gone on to the rainbow bridge, but I will always remember the almost gleeful way she had fun with her Mommy outdoors one day. ;)

07-25-2001, 12:16 PM
Jasper's mom, I'm so relieved that Jasper's escape-ade ended in him being safely inside! I can imagine how scared you must have been...especially after the whole traumatic ordeal of him being lost for so long!! *hugs* and purrs to Jasper! I hope the other black kitty turns up too! Keep us posted!
Meowzalot, welcome to Pet Talk! Thanks for sharing your story of Jessy :) That is really sweet how much your boyfriend loves those cats. I can relate. I got my boyfriend (now hubby) a kitten when he was living alone in an apartment, and he just loves that thing to pieces! Even though he's a lot of trouble and has medical problems, my husband would't trade that cat for the world!
BosMom, what a great story. I know what you mean about fat cats moving when they want to! :D LOL It's true! My family's older, rather chubby cat, is the sweetest cutest cat you've ever seen. Bless his heart, he's sweet, but the lights aren't all on upstairs. Anyway, if there's a door open anywhere..that cat will be there. Don't ask me how he moves that fast, with all that belly flappin' in the wind! Anyway, being a cat that was rescued off the streets and starving, you would think that he would have better sense then to go outside! While we were living in Indiana, there were a couple of times that he slipped right out the back door when it was opened. So, mom and I would be walking through the neighborhood calling for him. Luckily, he never got very far, and he would meow at us when we called...but most of the time he would be on a neighbor's back deck meowing to get in thinking it was our house! Bless him!!! LOL LOL

Jasper's Mom
08-06-2001, 09:46 AM
Hi Everyone...been too busy to even check in on what everyone is doing. And each and every time I try to get on my computer, Jasper protests. Crawling onto the back of my chair, then under my arms, onto my lap, in my face. This is my previously NO LAP SITTING cat. Now he stands to his full height, patting me on the arm, and no amount of petting is enough. If I ignore him, he will leap onto my left shoulder to get the hugs he wants. Wow, guess he missed me all those long days he was gone, but not as much as I missed him.

Jasper is now a "chunky monkey" and I need to get him a larger collar. All that good food to fatten him up, so skinny was he after his long ordeal, that I should now maybe put him on a diet??? Actually, I have cut back on his canned food and treats. He is totally recovered and mellowing out on his escape attempts. He nows enjoys roaming throughout the house for most of the day, but retreating into my room again when he's had enough.

His new brother Eli is getting bigger, but small compared to Jasper. Eli is a fun and happy little guy, following around after Jasper when he's out. Their relationship has progressed to Jasper mostly ignoring him. The hissing has stopped unless Eli desides to push his luck in play attacks. They are so fun to watch. A couple days ago, a scene forever etched in my mind. At our screened front door, side by side, inches apart, Eli and Jasper intently watching surfers with their boards pass by on the sidewalk. It was precious, and peaceful. Eli still acts at times like he's a dog. He and Moses, my year old Golden Retriever, play hours on end together. Grabbing, pulling, biting, sometimes Eli inside Moses' mouth, but not being held with his mouth. I am amazed that neither is ever hurt. They love each other a lot. My other Golden, 3 ys old, tolerates Eli mostly, but on occasion doesn't like the "attacks" and will growl or bark in warning, then walk away. Eli is smart and listens.

We have a new feral rescue. Her name is Calli since she's a stirred up colored calico. She looks bigger than Eli and I haven't been able to take her out yet. Tonight she allowed me to rub the top of her head and the side of her face while she ate her wet food. Ah, a positive step. She will be found a home by friends who trapped and had her neutered. Most ferals her age can't be tamed, but we wanted to try with this soft mannered little girl. A possible home with a woman whose cat died recently. First it must be found out if she will be an indoor only cat. A must for this girl. She is sweet and the softest meow. Just will take a little more time to trust people. Too old to just grab with a towel, I am winning her over with the best connection, food. She doesn't like grumpy Jasper or my dogs, only Eli. They were trapped in the same place, wonder if they remember each other???

So much to read, to enjoy here, but time constraints pull me away for now.

08-08-2001, 10:02 AM

Thanks for the update! I've been wondering how Jasper was re-adjusting. Isn't it nice to know he missed you and your TLC?

And hello to little Eli and your new addition, Calli. What a wonderful home full of love you have! :D


Jasper's Mom
08-24-2001, 06:13 AM
Time changes everything.

Jasper and his new brother Eli, now happily charge back and forth through my bedroom and bath, play attacking, and sometimes rolling in mock fight on my bed. Other times they just touch nose to nose and lie together.

Ah, but in the rest of the house, Jasper mostly ignores Eli, with so much to do and see, following me from room to room. Eli in hot pursuit, batting and charging, trying to get Jasper to play, and Moses, my dog, following along, trying to get his share of attention from Eli.

It's a fun house here lately. My latest feral to tame is coming along really good now. Out of her carrier that she clung to, she is in the big kitty condo with Eli. He is out mostly, except when I'm gone or at night. He's a naughty rascal and sometimes also gets a "time out".

From the moment Calli started to share his condo, they have gotten along. Many times wound together in sleep, other times rattling the condo with their wild play. When wet food time comes for Calli, Eli has to leave or he takes it, so into my room he goes to play with toys he loves.

Calli, after just a few days in the condo, now comes carefully to me, as I place her dish near the door and settle on the floor to interact with her. She now allows me to pet and scratch her from head to tip of her tail, arching her back and purring loudly. When not eating I am not allowed as much contact, but that increases every day. Sometimes she calls to me from the door. Finally her hissing has disappeared. Today after eating a little, I softly picked her up with both hands around her tummy, and lifted her out the door, her soft and relaxed in my grip. She is a mixed up calico, some stripes, and many colors, with a longg tail, and four white sockies on her feet. As I set her down next to me she started to panic, but I shoved her food dish in her face and she settled down right away. She stayed by my side, finishing up her treat, looking at me and accepting me next to her. I was able to lift her into my lap, petting her softly. When she got down she seemed to want to explore the house, but I returned her to the condo. My two dogs were just a couple feet away watching quietly. Another day she can wander, when she's free of cat, dog and granddaughter curiosity. Soon she will be ready for a forever home. Eli will miss her, and I will too. But maybe more wild babies need to learn trust, so I have to let her go.

And the lost black cat I was feeding for over a month, finding the owner almost the same day that he disappeared from my porch and yard. My neighbors and I all feel that the same ones who trapped and dumped my Jasper, thought he was back, and trapped and dumped this friendly and lost new friend of ours. His name was Inky, he has no ID chip, there's no trace of him, and his owner has now moved.

So Jasper is patting and patting my arm, asking to get on my shoulder, to perch as a baby to be burped. I am so lucky to have him back, and to have all my other furbabies, that fill my days with laughter.

08-24-2001, 08:35 AM
Jasper's Mom! What a great message about Jasper, Eli and Calli. I always love hearing about Moses as well.

You have certainly turned things around at your house, and I believe you are becoming a resident feral cat expert! Thank you for doing so much to help these needy cats.


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08-24-2001, 10:22 AM
When I moved to Hawaii briefly 10 years ago, the quarantine period was SIX MONTHS! And visiting hours were only Mon-Fri, during the work hours. It was awful! I left my kitty Sidney (now at the Rainbow bridge) with friends on the mainland, so he wouldn't be traumatized.

By the way, at that time there were tons of feral cats on Oahu ... Maybe that's why they are so aggressive with their trapping? (And part of why they leave their quarantine period so unneccessarily high ... it scares pet owners off!)

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4 feline house
08-24-2001, 01:40 PM
This is why, when my dad was stationed overseas, we STAYED HOME so as not to have to give up our puppies and kitties!

Jasper's Mom
08-25-2001, 06:19 AM
I've been on the link to Alley Cat, reading and sending them an e-mail. Thanks Spencer. Seems you've always got a link to what's going on.

About the quarantine situation in Hawaii, there is a 30 day and a 120 day quarantine. If you know ahead of time, you can go through their long list of requirements to prepare your animals, get tests at required times, and assemble your papers. Then you're allowed, upon arrival, and after checking all your papers, and retesting your animal, to have your animal under the 30 day quarantine. Since most military do not have such an extended notice, they usually can't qualify.

With the high number of military wanting to bring their pets when on rotation here, they've tried to legislate a deduction but it was vetoed by Governor Cayetano. The State run quarantine station is to be self supporting, so even though he cited discrimination as the reason, you know it's the dollars.

There are special circumstances for Guide and Service dogs, eliminating the quarantine as long as they go through a stringent list of requirements.

Other dogs and cats aren't so lucky. Last year they increased the quarantine fees. For 30 day it used to be for each cat, $275 and each dog, $290. Now it's $655 for each animal. Ouch!

For the 120 day quarantine it used to be, each cat $815, each dog $875, but is now for each animal, $1080. Double Ouch!

Truly, as Catwoman said, "scares pet owners off". And yes, there are loads of feral cats here, but many feral groups and hundreds of kind people work to help them with TNR. For a while it was illegal to feed them in Hawaii, but with recent legislation feral cats can be freely fed again. There is a public meeting Sep 8th for anyone interested in feral cats, and the number of people wanting to help is increasing. And I'll be there.

Logan: Thanks for the nice compliment, but I assure you, I'm no "resident feral cat expert", just a beginner, and I always rely on the comments of the real experts, 4 feline house and Spencer. Their quidance has been invaluable. Plus all the great information and stories from everyone else too. It takes everyone to help these little ones.

Except for cat people on Pearl Harbor, there is no one else outside my kids, that care to hear about my dogs, cats or the feral kittens I try to help. Thanks for being so kind and not rolling your eyes while telling me to shut up. You show how you understand and really care. Thank you for caring and being there

Jasper's Mom
08-26-2001, 07:24 AM

For the third time in 16 years, my ex popped up in my life. Coming to Hawaii for something else, he wanted to see my boys. That's fine, but I did not want to see him. After feeding all my furbabies and tucking them in for the night, I was loading my dishwasher when the doorbell rang....

In came my grown sons, bringing their father with them. No notice, just came in my door. My son said he had insisted. Oh, nice surprise. He's the one who used to throw my cats out the back door into the yard. AND HOLDING THE DOOR OPEN, HE LET JASPER OUT!!!!!!!!!

I was so upset but tried to hold it in for the boys sake. One son went out to get him, hearing his bell but not finding him. I went out several times, sitting on the porch, making noise with canned food, calling his name. Not a sound.

Had to look for pictures to give their dad, and try to smile and not yell at him, for after all these years, LETTING MY CAT OUT!!!!

After almost an hour and no Jasper, we started to hear his bell even inside. Soon we spotted him trotting down the outside stairs leading to a deck, and he ran onto the porch but did not want to come in. I went outside with him, as he wandering around our yard, rubbing on bushes, saying hello to his favorite spots.

Finally, at the edge of the neighbor's yard I was able to pick him up. Everytime that man enters my life, disaster strikes. He's gone now, Jasper is safe inside with me, and hopefully "the visitor" won't be back soon.

Not a nice surprise, rude to let Jasper out, didn't apologize for it, and he wanted to look eye to eye and chat (after all these years and a bad history??). He's a lot older than me, so maybe he's lost his marbles. WHAT A NIGHT!!! I'm so thankful Jasper is safe once more.

08-26-2001, 10:15 PM
Yuck, Jasper's Mom! I know your boys thought they were doing an ok thing...and it sounds like you held yourself together very well. But my goodness! After all this time...guess you got the good reminder of why you don't want to be with him all over again! My dad always tell me that when my daughter's dad misbehaves..upsets me (acts like himself) that it is a good thing...so I don't let down my guard!! LOL!! Dads are so wise, aren't they?

Glad Jasper is back inside, safe and sound where he belongs.


08-27-2001, 07:49 AM
Jasper's Mom, your message on Aug. 24th was so positive and the only question on my mind then was, was Jasper still trying to get out? Well, you answered that, but at least he was staying close. And he's back inside where it's safe.

09-29-2001, 09:32 PM
Jasper's Mom,
Hi..Just wanted to say that I've been missing
your posts about Jasper,Eli and the Gang.
Hope everything is going well at your house.
Are you still rescueing ferals? Well,check in
whenever you have time!!