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01-19-2001, 12:41 PM
I have this Orange cat that has been hanging around my house for a very long time. At least since last summer. We have been keeping food on our front porch for all furry babies that like to come visit. At first this orange cat was very skittish and didnt want to come near us. I looked out my kitchen window one day last summer and there he was all comfy and cozy in my patio chair basking in the sunlight. He is is pitiful. His cries and meows break my heart. All I want to do is get him and bring him in the house but he is too scared to let either me or my husband pick him up. My husband was allowed to pet him last night. We put out a big plate of fresh food for him. Its so cold and rainy and I want him inside with me so bad. How can I convince the baby to let us pick him up???

01-19-2001, 12:56 PM
It's another "Mother". You are wonderful for wanting to help this cat. Neither of the cats I have like to be picked up, including Butter, our newly adopted stray. I just made sure that the dogs were out of the way and held the door open and he finally walked in. I had made him a warm bed outside for several nights, although I don't think he ever got it in it. I at least wanted him to have the option. He still doesn't like to be picked up very much, so I don't do it. His claws are lethal. Once you get him inside, you should probably schedule a quick vet's appointment to have his shots updated and any applicable tests done. Once Butter came in, he didn't want to go out very much! I'm sure Spencer will have better insight on this subject and hopefully he can post you a message with good ideas.
Good luck and bless you! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

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01-19-2001, 07:41 PM
I havent seen my Big Orange Buddy tonite. All the food was gone so he must have been around today. I have put out some more food for all of the outside babies to share but mostly for him. I think he is somewhat tame and used to being around my house since he has been showing up for so long. Maybe I will get lucky and he will walk right in like Butter did...by the way, I love that name...I asked my husband what we were going to name the orange baby and he said ORANGE!! I will keep yall posted as to my progress

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01-20-2001, 01:18 AM
The fact that your husband has been able to pet him means he is learning to trust you. Next time you see him eating, you might try inching his food bowl closer to the door (confine all your pets first so they don't scare him off) until he is inside. This may take a few tries if he is reluctant to enter. The trap is a really good idea since he does not like to be held, then you can maintain control of him once you get him inside the house. But it MIGHT also set back what trust he has in you. So if this is a concern or you cannot locate a trap, you might try this technique. Keep trying to pet him more and more, too, as this will increase his trust in you. You may even be able to eventually pick him up - but some cats just don't like being held no matter how much they trust you. The best way to tame down skittish or feral cats is to force them out in the open (don't let them hide beyond the first day or two) and hand-feed them tasty treats, so they are forced to learn you and associate you with good things.
Remember, too, even if you are not successful at getting him inside, just the fact that you are feeding him and providing him a safe place to snooze means you have already made his life much better, even if you do nothing more. The first rule of cat rescue is REMEMBER YOU CANNOT SAVE THEM ALL.

4 feline house
01-20-2001, 11:56 AM
Rhonni, I just thought of something else. If you do manage to get him inside and he panics and is frantic to get back out, or he escapes, it would be okay to let him go, and a few days later try again. He will come back as long as there's food to eat, and he will understand that although he was frightened, he wasn't hurt, and that will make it easier to try again. A stray cat will keep returning to any place that has free good food and nothing to physically injure them (like a big dog or such).

01-20-2001, 10:12 PM
Hi Everyone,

I havent seen the Big Orange Baby today either. I did put a plate of food out last night and it was all gone this morning!! So I just put out another huge plate. I would love to put Puddin' (my baby) house out there for him to get in but Im afraid that Puddin would not like that too much. I am going to put his condo that he got for Christmas out there though. Puddin' is really not too interested in his condo unless we throw his toys in there. I will keep you posted. This orange kitty needs me to love on it and be his friend.