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Cougie Wechsler
10-15-2001, 09:17 AM
Well, when I got back to work this morning, there were lost posters all over the neighborhood with her picture on it. I have left a message for my friend who was planning to keep the cat. We will call the owners but I am only concerned that the same pattern will start again. She will cross a busy street to get to our office. She will be here again and our building owner might do something to her. With my friend she has a safe life. But I know, we need to call the owner. I will tell them that she should be better taken care of during the day. :(

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10-15-2001, 11:31 AM
Cougie, I'm surprised at this news! I was for sure that no one was going to come looking for that cat. After all, it had been hanging around your office for so long, and seemed desperate for attention! :eek: That is a tough one. There could be a perfectly good explanation on the part of the owner(maybe they moved and the cat got lost...??), so be sure to find out what happened and definitely stress that the cat should be better looked after or even kept inside! I hate to say this, but if she shows up again...I would take her and give her back to your friend that was going to keep her in the first place!! Something similar happened in my parent's neighborhood one summer when I was home from college. The cutest little orange fluff ball showed up on our driveway, and I thought it was a stray or a dumped pet. (Animals are not supposed to run off lead in this neighborhood, and that includes leaving cats outdoors). So, I took the cat in, and I had found a home for it with one of my friends. Well, the owners came looking for the cat about a week after it was missing :confused: and since I wasn't home, my mom gave the cat back and told them to keep it inside. I was so mad when I found out! Sure enough, the next week...guess who came back to our house. Yup! Little furry "buttercup", as we liked to call her. So again, the owner comes a lookin', and once again, my mom says not to let the cat outside. The owner had the gall to say, well, she has food and water out there! :mad: So, needless to say, the next time that cat showed up...I picked her up(...her beautiful long orange fur was all dirty and matted) and took her to my friend's who is taking very good care of her! I feel bad about "stealing" someone's pet...but she was not being cared for properly, and I thought she deserved better than that. Surprisingly, the owner didn't come looking that last time...

Cougie Wechsler
10-15-2001, 12:15 PM
Hello Wolflady and Spencer,
I got the poster off one of the poles and it is definately her. The other thing that kind of irked me is that it says "last seen on 9th/Gold (her neighborhood)" I don't know about you but this seems to imply that they know she roams the neighborhood. Thanks for the suggestions. I will talk to my friend to see how to handle it. Abq. Cat rescue told me to ignore the poster and have my friend keep her but that is not right either. Thanks guys!

10-15-2001, 12:32 PM
Cougie - this is a tough situation. The owners taking the time to post pictures is an indication that they care for the cat - BUT - on the other hand I can't see why they would let her roam. Anything could happen to this poor baby and almost did. I think I would explain that to the owner (not that it would do any good)and say it is with reluctance that your friend is willing to give her up. Gosh your friend has probably already fallen in love with her :( Keep us posted.

10-15-2001, 06:49 PM
If your friend is SERIOUS about wanting/adopting this kitty...here's an idea. (We had to do this to gain legal custody of our cocker.)

Turn kitty over to the pound. If the owner wants her back bad enough, they'll go looking for her. If not, have your friend adopt her. Your friend will then have legal custody.

We did this with our cocker...her original owners didn't want to sell her/give her away, but they didn't want to keep her in the yard/house either. :rolleyes: So, we loaded her up in the car took her to the pound. The 'real' owners never called/came for her, so we adopted her the first day she was available. (Waited for 5 hrs before the pound opened--just to make sure we got her! lol)