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Edwina's Secretary
08-08-2001, 04:31 PM
Last week my mother had to put down her cat of 15 years. Annie had a cancerous tumor on her shoulder which the vet said resulted from years of getting her vacinations there (my vet says that's why they give them in the behind now.) Anyway, earlier this year my parents had to put down thier dog of many, many years as well. My parents are in their latest 70's and worry that a new pet will outlive them. My brother gave them a mature King Charles which we have assured them will be cared for should she outlive my parents (of course this is all very hard to even talk/write about.) My parents have always had lots of animals around and I know my mother is very down about Annie. I have been trying to convince her to adopt an older or otherwise hard to place cat. Her concern -- that she tells me anyway is that they have a dog/cat door which the dog uses to go out into the fenced yard but she wouldn't want the cat to go out.

Any thoughts on a type of cat (i.e. older, deaf) that wouldn't be interested in going outside if it involved extra effort?

08-08-2001, 04:46 PM
You sure get a gold star for trying to help your family and a pet in need! Good luck with finding the right loving combination! :)

Vaccine-induced Sarcoma is a big issue for cat owners. Most vets are now aware that giving large numbers of shots in the same place each time (usually near the neck and shoulder blades) can cause the immune system to go wild.

When you take your cat for shots, be sure and ask the vet about this issue. Some shots can be given to last 3 years instead of every year. Some shots may not be needed at all in your situation. If you go to one of the low-cost shot clinics, be sure and ask also. They often get so busy that they just pick the easiest target...which might not be the best for your cat!

Even though I lost my 6 yr old Daisy to this problem, I still get my other cats vaccinated . Be informed and protect your loving kitties!

08-09-2001, 06:20 AM
Spencer is absolutely right about adopting an older cat. My Bo is 13 years old and I wouldn't trade her for the world. She has no desire to want to go outside at all, and my first elderly cat, Valentine (at the rainbow bridge) didn't want to go out either. If you can't find a good older cat at a shelter, you might try putting out an E-mail help message to breed rescuers in your area. These people will bend over backwards in an attempt to find a sweet retired show cat for you, and I promise you won't regret the decision because these cats are so well behaved! :)