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Jasper's Mom
05-06-2001, 05:03 AM

Today I went to the Humane Society to reinstate the "lost cat" information on my lost kitty Jasper. I had found out they only keep information for 30 days...stupid. How many cats make sure they return in under 30 days????

*****As I started to fill out my card, I was distracted by two ladies near me who were sobbing and wiping their eyes. They had trapped two wild kittens, finding a home for one. The Hawaiian Humane Society told them, and I heard, THE KITTEN THEY HAD BROUGHT IN SO IT COULD FIND A HOME WAS TO BE PUT DOWN. They were told the weeks old kitten was growling and spitting, and too wild for adoption. I broke in asking about foster homes to tame the kitten. We were told there are many foster homes but they are all full of kittens that are more used to people. They could do nothing else. These ladies cried and cried, calling people on their cell phone to find a place for it. They could not take it home. One had many cats and the other dogs that do not like cats. But their concern touched me. After filling my card out and leaving another "lost" poster with pictures, I sat and waited. They tried and tried but no one they knew could take it.

By then I was in tears myself. My Jasper had been rescued and my niece spent weeks taming him. When he came to live with me he was pretty mellow and has always been loving.

They couldn't take it back home and the people at the Humane Society seemed to be getting irritated with us. I finally spoke up and said I would take him. I couldn't see him getting killed when he hadn't even been given a chance. Immediately we were told to leave, and if they gave the kitten to me that we would have to do it off their property. I went out to the car and waited, and we exchanged names, numbers and the kitten in their parking lot.

The lady who gave me the kitten said that she was now going to withdraw a large donation she was scheduled to give, because of their reluctance to help them and animals in need. They still have a mother cat and two more kittens to catch.

Now I have the tiny guy here at home. He is still in the carrier they loaned me. I put in water and food, and a little litter box, with him spitting and trying to strike me. He has eaten and used his box, but is no friendlier. I put him on my queen sized bed so that I can lay down and talk eye to eye with him. Everytime I try he growls. If I make soft meowing sounds he moves around.

Monday I will try to get him into the vet, so I am trying to avoid scratches until he is checked. My two dogs have sniffed the crate several times, but then go on their way. With my Jasper they were very loving and kind, letting him be the boss. I think they will be kind with this guy too if they get the chance.

The only thing I can think to do is, slowly, a little more each day, to approach him. If slowly doesn't work, maybe I should just take him out of the crate, wrap him and hold and pet him. Maybe have him be loose but confined to a room. But if he doesn't use a litter box, then what? See, lots of questions. Anyone been through this? Any ideas?

I just couldn't let them kill him.

05-06-2001, 08:39 AM
You were there at the right time in the right place for the little one, thank you!!!! Here is one hastily found link:

And I am sure Spencer and his brood will be chiming in to help!

4 feline house
05-06-2001, 12:28 PM
J's mom-

Bless you for taking in this little guy in need. I had a litter of ferals a little older than your new kitty, and all but one tamed down to lap cat status. Even the one that never tamed did at least come to trust me and his eventaul new mom.

Two things I did - I did not allow them to hide, and I fed them very tasty treats by hand.

Since he does not have his litter mates to huddle with, he may need a little hiding place to feel secure, but I would make it an "out in the open" place where he is still forced to interact in some way. His crate might be a perfect place, maybe in a quiet corner of the room. But occasionally make him come out and leave the door closed so he can't go in it. Also block any other place he could hide, such as closets and under furniture. This would be a good time to give him his tasty treats, cooked chicken or tuna. It must come from your hand, even if you have to at first just place it in front of him. But he has to associate you with the good stuff, so that's why you want him to see you feeding him. This would also be a good time to bring out good toys, like the feathers, like Spencer mentioned. The feathers would be a very good choice because you can play with him at a distance. But be sure and give him lots of quiet time on his own while he is out, to allow him to get used to his surroundings and let him realize that he is safe.

Since he is completely wild and has probably had no interaction with humans before now (just like the four I had), be prepared for this process to take weeks to accomplish. But like Spencer said, you actually have a very good chance of succeeding.

Good luck, and I hope you find Jasper.

Jasper's Mom
05-06-2001, 10:53 PM
Oh thank you all so much for responding to my problem. I don't feel so alone in this. Although I have had cats throughout my life, never have I tried to tame a feral kitten.

It's a boy. He is almost all white, but his tail is light grey and possibly striped. He keeps it tucked in right now so I haven't had a good look. He has the same grey coloring on both ears, with a narrow white pathway between his ears. He has dark eyes.

Thank you, thank you for your help.

Last night I had him on my bed in his crate. I let all my family come in and out, the music on for a while, later the tv. When it came time to go to bed I put the carrier on my desk chair that has arms. I pushed it against the dresser next to my bed so that it would be secure. He was about 3 to 4 feet from me. I turned out the lights. I got to laughing, and told one of my sons that came into my room, that maybe he should be named "Pager" (joke). In my dark room, as my son or I moved around anywhere near the carrier, his growling sounded like a pager sitting on a table, on vibrating mode. It was so funny.

In the quiet he started mewing. Each time I would wake and talk softly to him. He quieted each time. At sunrise he did it again, but quieted at my voice.

Today, he angrily endured my changing food, water and litter. Now, after a couple hours alone, he has moved from cowering in the back corner to resting up front next to the cage door. I have now gone from getting growls and spitting at 3 feet, to his tolerating my presense at 1 1/2 feet. I talk softly and wiggle my fingers to show there is nothing to fear. He only watches my fingers, no growls. That is a GREAT IMPROVEMENT, at least I think so.

I decided, with your caution, to let the vet check him first before attempting to pick him up or touch him. I have my own regular doctor's appointment on the 18th. Maybe I can wait to update my tetnus til then? If not, I'll call and can get it alone before then. Welders gloves were recommended on one of the feral links. I guess because it helps cover your arms too. I thank you so much for helping with advise and showing me the links to information. I'm new to the computer and the web.

In a few minutes I will be heading to the pet store for a feather toy on a stick to facilitate the touching process as recommended. Tuna we have. Wonder if he'll like that. Scented clothes. Maybe he would like something of mine to sleep on.

What about my two dogs? I will keep them from direct contact until he is calmer and sees the vet. I allow them to smell near the crate and he is tolerating it better. I don't want him frightened more, nor have them scratched/bitten, transferring any disease. Will have to work on this. They are cat friendly, but the cat is not a dog lover. Yet!

Is it a good idea to maybe accept one of the other kittens if they are able to catch them? Is that easier, or would it make it harder? But then, can I keep two????? I want him as an indoor only cat. My Jasper was an outdoor/indoor cat...and he disappeared. (So painful still.)

Last night I sent an update e-mail to the ladies that trusted me, an unknown person, with their rescued kitten. Before bed one of the ladies sent me an e-mail postcard with the cutest picture of a kitten laying on a puppy. A wonderful and kind thank you note. (What fun things..maybe some day I'll learn to post pictures too.) They plan to come by and see him at a later date. Worn out physically and emotionally by their capturing experience on Saturday, they will not make an attempt in capturing the mom cat and two remaining kittens until maybe Monday.

Oh, his tail is grey with no stripes. Just used his new cardboard tiny potty box. He has also been licking and cleaning himself today.

Bless you Karen, SpencerTheLion and 4 feline house for helping me with your warm hearted words and advise. This is a scary thing for me...never before seeing a spitting, whirling blur of a kitten.

With love and appreciation,
Jasper's Mom and baby kitten

Jasper's Mom
05-07-2001, 12:40 AM
Never got to the store today. Found "Feral Cats" started by SpencerTheLion, and went through all its links too. The TNR Program is in my small opinion, the only way to go. Sadly, the possibility of passing disease on makes euthanasia a necessity at times. Your stories have instilled in me the great sacrifices you and others have given to the lost and feral cat population. And the need is endless. There are just so many. Before reading all this I was of the mind to save them all. Never being in a rescue group or position, I never realized the enormous problem and complexity of feral cats. I appreciate what you and the others have kindly posted so we can all understand. With my little feral boy kitten here, I felt guilt about the others left behind. I now understand, truly I do. You can't save them all. Bless your heart.

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05-07-2001, 01:27 AM
Jasper's Mom: You are that little boy's angel. Reading how you saved him brought tears to my eyes. I know it must be really difficult since you don't know where Jasper is still. Everyone has given you great advice and thats so good you're making progress! That little kitty will become your new shadow in no time. Maybe someday Jasper will return too. I wish you all the luck in both of the situations.

05-07-2001, 06:00 AM
Jasper's Mum,

I only saw your message today. I cannot add more to the excellent tips the others have given you. It's wonderful that you decided to take him home, I'm sure that it will work out. One of mine was hissing and spitting like that when we saved him from the street, if he had any food left over he would sleep across it and he would become very aggressive if we went anywhere near the bowl, now I have the opposite "problem" he won't leave me alone!

Good luck.

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4 feline house
05-07-2001, 01:13 PM
J's mom-

I think you're right, the fact that he is now spending alot of time at the front of his crate and is not so quick to growl is an improvement. You've done some good things so far - like taking his crate with you around the house.

I know what you mean about the "pager"!

Since he is using his box while he is in his crate, it's almost certain he will use it once he's let loose,too.

Keep us posted on the progress you make with him.

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Jasper's Mom
05-08-2001, 08:32 AM
Thanks you guys for being so supportive of me and my little guy (no name yet). I have wavered between elation at his sweetness (from a distance) to deep worry whether I did the right thing by taking him. Last night he cried all night long and I am so tired tonight.

Today, after only 48 hours, "Pager" has not been vibrating as much. On his first vet visit this morning, the sound of his yowling followed me through the walls as I departed. He gave them quite a fit and at first they thought he might need to be tranqualized. As soon as their gloved hand picked him up like his mama did, he froze. Got to check him all over. He is only about 6 weeks old and less than 2 lbs. Younger than I thought. Got some good yummy baby kitty kind food like you suggested. Not tested for feline HIV since is too young to get it the vet said. No worms, no feline luekemia, no upper respiratory infection, no ear mites, no problems they could find, except attitude and fleas. Only put two drops of Advantage on him since so tiny. Said the fleas would be dead by tonight. Hope so.

No immunizations for a month, nor neutering yet. The Hawaiian Humane Society does at this young age, but this "cats only" vet does not.

Does have one problem tonight. Runny poop. I am only guessing that it is his sudden change in diet?

Brought home a quieter little fellow. Guess he decided this place is better than the vets. Gave him some treats through the door and soon he was taking them from my fingers. Wow! What a difference 48 hours can do to a "wild thing". Then my dogs were able to put their muzzles less than a foot from the crate door and he only watched them. They are kitty wise and quietly just watched. Last night he "vibrated" when they just entered the room. My worrying doubts are slowly fading away. My oldest son who called him the "devil cat" is starting to change his mind.

I am taking him out of the crate tomorrow. Too much house activity tonight. I want him to be an indoor only cat. I already picked up a little collar with bell. If I put it on now he'll always think it's supposed to be that way. Maybe then we can hear him if he approaches an open door. I will probably pick up a tiny name tag for him at the 2nd Pet Expo this weekend. Got to decide on a name by then.

My Jasper was an indoor/outdoor kitty, never letting anyone touch him outside. Because of that I didn't worry...And now he is gone. (But I'm never going to stop searching.)

It's true, no PetsMart or Petco here in Hawaii. Would love to go to one. Some small pet stores here and there, only one allowing pets inside. The only big pet store, Pets Discount Warehouse, also allows pets. Don't take my dogs. It's really a warehouse and terribly hot.

To bed, my baby is sleeping...

and bathe you say!!???

4 feline house
05-08-2001, 06:18 PM
His runny stools are probably nerves from having gone to the vet and the change in his diet. If it doesn't clear up in a few days he might need to go back to the vet.

Jasper's Mom
05-09-2001, 07:41 AM
Well, today has been a good day. Making some mistakes, but my little frenzied kitten is alive and well.

Oooo, I gave my kitten a bath before reading your post. I'm sure the Advantage must be gone. I only had puppy no tears shampoo, and used it on him. He was so awfully dirty. His "runnies" was all stuck on the bottom of his feet and under his tail. Happily, he has done some regular poop this evening. When he was loose in the bathroom I took the same tiny litter box and put fresh litter in it. He was a good boy and used it. Yea! (Gosh, the things we appreciate).

He was quieter in the warm water so he kinda got dipped in to relax, out to scrub softly and back in to calm down. Discovered in washing that he has a kink in his tail 1/3 of the way down from his back. Maybe old injury or birth defect. Now clean, very white, and fluffy, you cannot see the kink.

I let him out in the bathroom. He was leary of everything, and when the wicker waste basket tipped over, he wedged himself between the wall and the back of the toilet. The only place to hide. I carefully pushed him out and he was ok.

From everything I have read, this guy should still be attacking me. Taking weeks, I was ready for the long haul. Maybe being six weeks is in his favor, and mine, for he seems better every day. Being alone, away from other cats maybe too? Don't know. After drying him and brushing him softly with a nice purple toothbrush, (just his size), he slept for a while. I took that opportunity to put on his little collar with bell, which he will need to grow into. It was the smallest one in the store.

Already the bell helps because when he's moving arond we can hear him. Never before have I had a collar on a cat. Never vowed to keep one only in the house either. (After losing Jasper, I can't do it any other way.) I will get a small name tag this weekend, if I can decide on a name. Nice name suggestions. Like all three. Cute idea! Going to take a vote this Friday with the family. So far suggestions from family are: "Lil Bit", "Willow", "Pager", and "Haupia", the Hawaiian name for a white coconut pudding. Sounds like "how-pee-ah". Been too busy to seriously consider a name.

When I later went back in the room, he was back to his wild little self again. Mad about the bath I guess. I left him alone, and when I returned again, he had gone into the crate by himself and was alseep. Whew!

Tonight he is calmer, only hissing at me when I put his dinner in his crate. No growl or whirling attack with nails. When he was out, it helped to wrap him in a small towel and hold him against me. After his bath, while keeping him warm, I petted his head all over. Eventually I felt a soft vibration and realized he was faintly purring. Wow, that was great.

Yesterday he cried a lot every time I left the room. This evening I had to be gone and he didn't cry for me they said. I had my granddaughter, who is 4, hold him wrapped up today and asked everyone to come and talk to him. While wrapped I took him to see my two dogs. Being kitty lovers, they only sniffed him and faintly gave him tiny puppy kisses (licks). He didn't seem bothered by them at all, maybe because he was wrapped. Before he had growled and flew against the inside of the crate when they even entered the room. Big improvement.

He was sleeping last night and a tv commerical came on with a cat meowing for food. He woke with a start, crying out loudly, and I suspected he thought that was his mama. His yowling goes to mewing at the sound of my voice. I think he's going to be just fine.

I was at a Cat Meeting tonight at the Hawaiian Humane Society. Jasper's disappearance has made me want to help other lost cats and kittens. This time the Society had been asked to not attend. The "Cat People", from many organizations, groups and just cat lovers will soon be meeting somewhere else. Too intimidating for many people because of the Society's harsh policies and unresolved issues. Too many problems and issues to bring up right now. Arriving early I detected an odd odor in the air. To my great dismay and disgust, I realized they were cremating animals at that time. Some people entered the meeting room with their nose and mouth covered.

Before the meeting started, I wandered around and into the Cat House, seeing a young woman in her 20s race in with a panicked look. Not finding her cat there she ran back to the main desk. Their policy is to sent someone a letter, which often arrives many days after their cat is brought in. As I was told, this happens every so often, that a found cat is destroyed because the "informative letter" arrives too late to retrieve your cat. I feel so bad for her.

My baby kitty's brother is doing fine, in a house with another cat. Roaming free and hiding out. They haven't taken their kitten to the vet yet. Bought a flea comb instead?? Uses the litter box by copycat.
No capture yet of Mom and two other siblings.

Thank you for all the support. This kitten is being raised by all of you. Your help, support, suggestions and love are making a real difference. Thanks for being there for me.

05-09-2001, 10:02 AM
So glad it is going so well! I think Pager'd be a fine name, or a nice Hawaiian niame would be distinctive, too! It is good that you are getting him acclimated to dogs, kids, and all sorts of things. He really does seem, from your description, to be getting better every day! When I was little, I wanted to keep a feral kitten - lovely grey-blue - I saw at my Grandpa's farm, but he wouldn't let me try to pick it up - he knew that I'd just get hurt, and that the mama kitty was just inches away, ready to attack if I approached her baby! Big thanks to the ladies who rescued your little friend, and to you, too!

05-09-2001, 10:54 AM
Wow! That was fascinating to read! Please keep us updated on everything. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif


4 feline house
05-09-2001, 12:01 PM
A flea comb alone can be effective if you're diligent and the infestation is not too great - just make sure you have a bowl of soapy water close by to dunk the fleas into off the comb - the soap interrupts the surface tension of the water and the fleas drown instead of just jumping out.

Jasper's Mom
05-10-2001, 08:59 PM
Yes, my new feral fuzzball could indeed fit into a coke can, diet or otherwise. Today I have been graciously allowed to scratch his head through the door, with not having to hold him down. He started leaning into my rubbing his head, neck and chin. Being so little, he can only receive two-fingered little rubbings, and he now loves it. I took him out right away, holding him close with no towel. I had two of my sons hold and love on him, and then my 4 yr old graddaughter, Sabrina. I put a towel on her shoulder to prevent scratches and she softly patted him. I invited my two big boys over for a smell and Sandy, the older, gave our baby kitty little licks. Then Moses, being almost 1 year old came barreling in, nudging him over and over. Licking wetly on every part of him that wasn't covered by Sabrina's hand. Baby kitty leaned into the licks with closed eyes, and I knew that the very important bond with my dogs had begun. He enjoyed the strong licking, maybe reminding him of his mama's nurturing, just bigger and juicer. I was careful to keep it under control, no heavy action, and held on so that Sabrina didn't let go or drop him. It went great, and my soggy kitten went back to his crate a mellow fellow.

Last night his little problem got bigger, in the litter box, with sound effects. Called the vet and she had me get her kitten food (not the generic stuff I got, oops), saying the sound effects suggest he is probably not digesting the food well. If not better in 24 hrs, she'll check him out again. He doesn't go real often, the color is good, he is drinking good, and is active, so we'll just watch him until tomorrow. Nice subject...

He seemed to want to be near me last night so I slept with his crate next to me in bed. Isn't that what mama's always do with new babies? I would sometimes wake and watch him watching me. If he was a girl I would name him Precious.

Oh my, 36 foster cats. I could not even deal with a fraction of that. Unless you had special facilities and help you could never do it right. Poor things. She may have meant well but was surely not well versed in cat care.

I am not ready to jump into at-home cat rescue beyond one cat at a time. This boy is mine, and any others would have to wait until my house is less full of two-legged ones. As many dogs and cats come home again, so do grown children.

I do plan on helping or working with some of the people I met at the Hawaiian HS this week. One lady I know from before. She and many others seem on the verge of burnout. Most work, have families with children and do cat rescue, TNR and feeding. So many people are really worked up about that place. The electricity being generated from so many passionate cat people that night, just crackled all around me. I have never experienced that before. Too much information flying around uncontrolled, tempers flairing. Almost 30 people and every one with different issues. Oh boy. What an eye opener. They're angry, things are coming out. They want change.

Among many other issues, this is one I personnaly dislike. If a pet is lost and a report is filed, after 30 days it is thrown out. No follow up. These cards are kept in a folder at the front desk, not in the clinic where the animals are seen. How do they keep their personnel up to date on lost pets? If a pet is found, they send out a letter, instead of a phone call. As I witnessed, when the owner arrives animals have disappeared I suspect they have already been destroyed.

I was raised here and visited this facility as a child. A lot has changed. A beautiful office area, entry, library and other rooms have been built. New plantings and lots of green grass and wooden benches. A great new dog park, with grass, big trees, picnic tables and a waterfall and pool. A new "Cat House" the size of a storage shed.

My great concern is, where are the additional cages so more animals can be held longer and possibly be adopted. They still use the same ones that I walked past as a child. The turnover is too fast for lack of enough cages. Why? Their priorities do not reflect concern for animals first.

A former administrative employee has a lawsuit going right now for inhumane treatment. Along with other complaints, one is the lining up and linking together of dogs in a row, and mass injections for euthanasia. How sad, how inhumane.

I will heed your warning about being careful, for I truly saw the tremendous electrifying conflict even amongst those trying to help solve the problems. If the HHS would only work with these people with open ears, it would benefit everyone. Unless asked, I won't talk of this junk anymore. It's pretty negative and we have more fun and light issues to share. Right?

I received an e-mail from the lady who rescued my kitten. She said his brother is doing good in his new home, had his first bath too, but is still upsetting the young rescued resident cat who came from the same area 6 months ago. He has also stopped spitting but does a lot of hiding yet.

They have been back evey day looking for the mama kitty and the remaining two babies. They have not been seen since the first two babies were taken away on Saturday. The lady who took the brother of mine wants very much to also have the two still loose siblings. Newly appearing has been a white and very skinny adolescent. Another skinny white adolescent has been there all along. I suspect both may have been the missing mama cat's previous litter. There is also an orange striped cat, and one she calls house cat (abandoned but comes to her). In searching for a new cat feeder she found another lady feeding a small group in another area. But she retires this month and also can no longer feed her group. If I could do it I would. But cannot for two reasons. It is on military grounds, requiring a pass, which I do not have. Secondly, it is about an hour round trip in good traffic, two in the evening when I could go. I'm trying to help her find someone. I gave her some ideas, made some calls, but the solution evades me.

Jasper's Mom,
Sandy & Moses (baby kitty lovers)
and Baby Kitty

Jasper's Mom
05-13-2001, 03:54 AM
Thanks SpencerTheLion for the link to Feline Rescue. Always appreciate help and information.

We have checked dog and cat name sites, thinking of all the local used names and words. Why is it so hard to pick a name for one little kitten? He is doing better every day. All the family has been spending time with him so he is enjoying the touching more. More purring and nudging. He can come out of the crate and walk around my bed now without running away, as long as I keep petting him. He does startle very easily but I'm sure with his fantastic progress in one week, that will disappear in time too.

His potty problem is gone, yeah! No more crying except to talk to us for attention or food. Went to the Pet Expo today and got him little catnip balls, just his size, and a catnip mouse with a bell. He has been playing like a crazy nut with these new toys.

Still no sign of my lost Jasper. At the Pet Expo today I passed out posters to all the cat or rescue booths. I keep trying. I was happily/and sadly surprised when I developed two rolls of film, and there was my Jasper in many pictures. Felt his loss all over again.

05-13-2001, 10:17 PM
Jasper is a semiprecious stone - have you tried out similar stone names for kitty? Is he Tigereye, Jade, Agate, Lapis Lazuli (if he turns out to be a lap kitty!, or a kitty who does laps around the house!), Turquoise (Turk), you get the idea ....

Jasper's Mom
05-14-2001, 07:43 AM
Our baby kitty is a totally changed guy. He now looks and acts like a regular kitten. Lots of discussion on names, but none yet. I thought taming would take a long time. I wonder if it's because I'm home a lot and he has stayed right next to me most of the time.

Today he came out as soon as I opened the door. Ate outside his crate and enjoyed our petting him on my bed, purring loudly to make sure we'd keep doing it. Never reacts to fast hand movement, people coming in, the dogs coming to greet him, or much of anything. A loud bang or sudden shaking of the newspaper does, but any cat would react to that. He tried to climb my bedroom curtain but was taken down fast. Don't want a curtain rod walker.

From the Pet Expo he received a catnip mouse and little catnip cloth balls. He totally flipped out, flinging his toys in all directions. We sure laughed. Doggie apple muffins for the 1st birthday tomorrow for brother Moses brought nose twitches and mews. He already mini sampled one and loved it.

Since yesterday he now sits alert at the crate door, waiting to be let out. Sometimes cries and scratches at the door if I sit on the bed. He loves to attack the pillows and folds in the covers, sticking his head under them. Sometimes have to crate him to calm down when he gets so worked up playing.

I don't mind at all, but why has he changed so fast from a frenzied whirling devil to mellow fellow in a week. It's great. His eyes are now wide and bright and his coat is much nicer too. Good food.

Others have suggested I find a home for him, and someone has asked for him, so that I can foster other feral kittens, one or two at a time. But I don't know if I can do that. Besides, I fear I would want to keep a few here and there.

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05-14-2001, 08:17 AM
Jasper's Mom,
What great news and a Happy Mother's Day for you!! Happy Birthday to Moses too! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/biggrin.gif

Somehow I feel this kitten was meant for you...let us know what you decide.


05-14-2001, 11:02 AM
Jasper's Mom: His young age probably had a lot to do with his fast adjustment time, but also all the love you gave him. It was meant to be for you two. If you don't feel like you want to tame ferals, don't do it. It sounds like your little guy was made for you. I wouldn't find another home for him unless you really felt it wasn't right for you to keep him. Just follow your heart.

Jasper's Mom
05-18-2001, 05:07 AM
Can you believe we are at odds on a name for our itty bitty kitten. Everyone is to make a list of their favorite names. This weekend we pick the top ones and vote.

A lady at the PetExpo here mentioned her "kitty condo", around $500, nice and big with perches at different levels for the kittens she fosters. My little guy has been in a carrier in my room when not being handled. I think that was a definite asset in his taming.

Two days ago I pulled out my extra large dog crate that both my Golden Retrievers can fit in together. Kitty condo time. Rearranged the living room furniture, giving the dogs better access to "their" couch. The dogs and my granddaughter played in the crate for hours. I then lined the floor with newspaper, put his tiny litter box into a big litter box. Cat carrier, w/o door, his toys, and fresh food in another corner. We snuggled and then into his new "condo" he went. He loves it. Wow, talk about your own home entertainment center. Everyone watches his antics instead of tv. After a play session he snuggles and purrs on my son's bed.

This morning his snuggle towel was out of the cat crate and next to the "condo" door where he was sleeping. When he wants to be held or play with me he stands at the door with big eyes and tiny meows. The dogs come to him, licking and nudging him and he loves it. He is so great. No one would ever believe he was a "crazed kitten" only 13 days ago. He is being kept safe in our busy household until he is bigger, and having a great time while doing it.

Mama cat and siblings showed up again a couple days ago. Trapping is set for this Saturday. The person willing to take the kittens before is hesitating. I cannot take two. Maybe one, but only for taming and adoption. This is new territory for me. I would have to use the borrowed cat crate to isolate the sibling. Vet bill is $100 before vaccinatins. Can't do that. It will also be two weeks older, two week wilder. My son and his girlfriend tell me not to do it. I have to make a decision by Friday.

05-18-2001, 06:45 AM
Oh, what a hard decision to make. I don't feel that I can help with that one, except to say that you've done a good job on this one, so maybe you have an aptitude!

Have you decided on adopting out the nameless one or not?

Jasper's Mom
05-23-2001, 07:51 AM
The story told to me by two new friends, of their attempts to capture the remaining siblings of my feral kitten caused me to laugh out loud. It is a delight to report that the third kitten of four is now safey in the hands of a lady named Jo, who also received kitten #1. Kitten #1, with one blue eye and one yellow/green eye, has had the runnies and when taken to the vet it was determined the cause is parasites. While at the vet she received a phone call that the next kitten had been caught in a humane trap and was on it's way. Transferring the newly captured kitten was scary for fear of escape in a strange parking lot, far from familiar territory. They would never have caught it again. But all went well, and now he is in his new home along with his brother who was captured first. The new capture has a blunt end short tail, as has the one still free. Three of four are male, and three young, white cats that sit together on the rocky hill watching the captures are probably the older siblings of this bunch. The ladies easily caught Mr. #3 in a humane trap, but ended up chasing #4, and finally capturing him with a long handled net. But oh no, as they tried to place him into a carrier, in an instant he escaped. The ladies are worried that it is alone, and tonight it was seen on the rocky hill, watching the other cats eat. A new cat has appeared, visably pregnant. The ladies feel the situation is more than they can take care of alone. Offers of help from a cat group have fallen through. They have only been able to capture one other big yellow cat, and he is now safety back in the colony after being neutered and his left ear notched. They will keep trying to capture, sterilize and return the adults. There is one tame "house cat" as they call it, loving to be petted. I would like to help but cannot get on a military base. At least three kittens are now safe and have a home.

Jasper's Mom
05-24-2001, 08:57 AM

Ah yes, although I missed that Star Trek show tonight, I understand the concept. I was thinking maybe I should call him Mr. Two, or Two-four, or twofer...or...

Perplexed that I am, for a name is illusive. The other day I thought of Leo the Lion, and liked it, but nixed it because it would be like taking a part of your name away. Don't want to be a copy cat.

Tonight he made me realize that it is important that his name match him. As you say, "Resistance is feral"...and resist he did. Tired from playtime with the dogs (with my attendance) and his play attacks at them, I snuggled him against my chest while heading to get his dinner ready for nitenite time. When I turned on the faucet to just a trickle, wanting to fill his water dish he freaked out. I actually had to unhook his front claws from the skin on my chest. My inner right arm also was dug up. As I held on trying to calm him he bit me on the top of my hand. I knew he was startled and not mad at me. I took ahold of the back of his neck as his mama used to and he immediately froze in kitten position. In this position I again placed him against my chest, filled his water dish (him very quiet), then his food dish, and quietly petted him before placing him in his kitty condo. Minutes later he was back at the door wanting attention again, and receiving it. Lesson learned. And I had the tetnus shot last week; so glad for the advise. "You will be assimilated.", you really think so? Not yet, resistance is the name of his game right now. And what happened to that mellow kitten who enjoyed his first (and maybe last) bath?

The lady who has taken the two brother kittens has another 6 mo. old rescued cat named Pu'uloa, meaning "Pearl Harbor". (Big movie premiere here on the USS Stennis.) Kitten #1's name is Maka u'i, meaning "beautiful eyes". The only Hawaiian name I came up with, since he's mostly white like the others, is Haupia (sounds like how-pea-ah), which is a white coconut pudding. My family thought it was stupid. Oh well.

Quoted from The Honolulu Advertiser, Sun, 5/20/01: "A house without either a cat or a dog is the house of a scoundrel." -Portuguese Proverb.

4 feline house
05-24-2001, 12:44 PM
I don't know if naming your pet after a dessert is all that stupid - an acquaintance of mine has a rescued whippet named Tiramisu!

Jasper's Mom
05-24-2001, 06:57 PM
4 Feline House: I thought of naming him sushi, because the island favorite has lots of white rice in it. They nixed that too. Popoki, meaning cat in Hawaiian, after the first cat I can remember as a child of five. No one likes my choices, I don't like theirs. May just take the problem by the tail, so to speak, and choose myself.

And SpencerTheLion, you are funny. Now I can't get that out of my mind. I keeping hearing this strange voice telling me "Resistance is feral. You will be assimilated". Maybe my little guy was beamed down just for me??? and from whom???

Jasper's Mom
05-27-2001, 06:53 AM
SpencerTheLion....you are too much. We were all around my computer laughing earlier tonight at your postings. Sooo funny. In honor of the now gone series, Star Trek, we have named our new visitor, #4 of 4, Mr. Spock. Although he will be here merely a few days (unless the lady who took #1 & #3 changes her mind), we decided that he needed a dignified name, and so this it shall be. He displays the same Mr. Spock composure, in spite of the fact that he was captured in a trap this afternoon, rode in one car, endured poking and prodding with sticks into a crate in a Burger King parking lot and then rode in a second car. He is very dignified, not displaying the inappropriate reactions such as spitting, hissing, growling or biting that his brother did. He makes no sounds, gives no response, just cowers in the corner.

When we arrived home, I doubled a towel and with the crate door against my arm, reached in to take him by the neck. No movement, no sound, he let me take him out in the "mama kitty" grip, where I wrapped him solidly for the undignified means of identification, for we all wanted to know if it should be Mr. or Miss. He was happy to get back to his corner. He ate heartily after I covered the crate with a towel. Tonight he is uncovered to more expose him to us as we walk past him. What a true refined one he is, no attacking the sides of his crate in a whirling, striking frenzy like mine did.

It has been three weeks since I got my kitten, so Mr. Spock (#4) is 9 weeks old. Bright yellow eyes, same grey color on his ears, a round circle of color on his right side, and a stump of a tail in the same color, like a little fuzzy bunny tail. I was going to nickname her "Bunnie" but she is a he. Also mostly a dusky white color, covered with the red dirt so typical of the area where he was found. A good bath will make him shiny white. I was surprised that Mr. Spock is a lot bigger. I may have the runt of the litter, or maybe the mama nursed Mr. Spock longer. In the end, at his new house, he will surely have a Hawaiian name as her other three do.

Either way, we have all decided on a forever name for my kitty, and it is sealed for all time. His name is Elijah, or Eli for short. It was chosen, not because of his personality, but because I liked it. Never has there been such a problem with a name. I had at first wanted to name him Dickens, but I'm already sick of the joke names my uncivilized "grown(?)" men-children made. I already call him Lil' Bit and he's always been a Lil' Dickens, so they'll probably be his "pet names".

Eli was asleep when his brother arrived, but an hour later he awoke, smelled something new, and went nuts. He was attacking the bars of the kitty condo, sticking his full legs through it, while biting the bars. He was yowling and flinging himself around. I put the crate with his long lost brother in it next to the door of his condo. I kept it a few inches away so they couldn't touch (quarantine). Eli immediately quieted and settled down at his door, just watching and sniffing. After a while he just went about his own business, came out to play with Moses (my dog), and has ignored his brother since. He cries out to Moses if he leaves him alone in my bedroom, wanting him to come back. Moses takes his tiny catnip balls in his mouth, then tossing them and Eli chases them. I watch and they do it over and over. I wonder if my kitten, Eli, is starting to think he's a dog?

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05-27-2001, 11:26 AM
I've told this story before, but we had a "dumped" cat that my family adopted one summer who didn't meow. Cat was best buddies with our St. Bernard, and we wondered if when he decided to make a noise finally, he'd bark! Well, when he decided to "talk" it took us a couple days to figure out where we'd heard that noise before - it's wasn't a bark, it cetainly wasn't a meow ... then we relizaed he was doing a very good imitation of the squeak of the cellar door! http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/smile.gif

Jasper's Mom
05-28-2001, 08:53 PM
Here I go again.

Got a phone call early this holiday, my friend had gone alone to trap cats, getting one. I live close to the Hawaiian Humane Society, she far away. They would not accept the cat until tomorrow although they are a 24-hour drop off facility. I hurried over to retrieve the very scared orange and white cat.

He will be here only overnite, then back to HHS around noon for his neutering. My friend will pick him up and take him back to the colony the next day. I say he, but don't really know. With the look in this cat's eyes (don't you dare), I will spare it the indignity of checking out the sex. It's in my enclosed workshop outside the kitchen door, shady and cool.

In cleaning out Mr. Spock's crate today, his lightning warp speed was evidenced again. My son reached to wrap and hold him and he was out and gone. But he only dropped to our feet, attached his front claws to Eli's kitty condo, and we easily picked him up. He still doesn't cry but really wants out, then doesn't go anywhere. If he was staying to be tamed, I would let him roam the bathroom. Wednesday he goes to his new home to join his other two brothers. He and Eli must have forgotten their brotherhood, for they smell but otherwise ignore each other when placed close together.

My friend and I were both stunned by the traffic going into the HHS glassed-in intake area. Many, many people coming to drop off their animals in the 10-15 minutes we were there. A dog that was found, light brown, quiet and sweet. They also were turned away and told to come back tomorrow because the dog was timid. A man and a boy entered with a box, and up popped a Rottie mix pup, maybe 4 months old. I never heard why they were giving him up. More boxes with little lives inside. We watched in amazement. No wonder we were asked to come back tomorrow. What is wrong with people, dumping so many animals. Is that what this holiday is for? It was a very sad sight, and I wished I could rescue them all. But now, with the knowledge from you dear friends, I know I can only do my small part to help pervent more animals from being born to suffer the same fate. I cannot save them all.

I have decided to name this orange and white feral cat from the colony, Patriot.

05-31-2001, 04:07 PM
If you need to take this cat to the vet, this is how to do it:
Let the kitty out in an enclosed space and through a thick towel over it. Quikly wrap the towel around the kitty so that only it's head is sticking out.

Good luck!