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09-18-2004, 08:06 PM
Today we went to Discovery Cove (http://discoverycove.com). It's a theme park that is owned by Sea World. My Sister-in-law, Lindsay, works there and had passes to get us in for free. The whole family went- Justin's parents, his 2 sisters (Lindsay and Diana), Lindsay's boyfriend, and Justin and myself. We had a blast.

We got to swim with sting rays, it was great. We even got to feed them. You put a large minnow in your hand (you make a fist and have the fish hanging out the top) and hold it about a foot under water and the sting ray will come and suck it out of your hand. There were 2 kinds of sting ray in the pool, "Southern Sting Ray" and "Cow- Nose Sting Ray". The southern were slow and stayed close to the bottom, but the cow-nose were crazy active. They have a lot of personality. They were chasing each other and playing. They would swim right up to you and rub against you. They would bat you with their wings and one even splashed Justin.

There was also a large pool where you swim with all kinds of salt water fish and sting ray. It had fake coral that mimicked real coral. The fish where beautiful. It was awesome. If you swam down there was an underwater window that had barracuda on the other side, they are huge and they have really big sharp teeth. There where 2 other underwater windows that had different kinds of sharks behind them.

There is also 3 aviaries. With all kinds of birds in them. In each aviary they give you a small cup of food to hold and the birds fly down and land on you to eat. There was so many unique birds there. All the birds were so wonderful.

There is one other part, you can have a meet and greet with a dolphin and you get to swim 1 lap around a pool with it. We didn't do it because it cost an additional $100.

We had a great time. I honestly wasn't looking forward to it, neither was Justin, because we were afraid Justin's parents were going to ruin our day. Both of Justin's parents hate (yes hate) animals, and we thought they would grumble and complain all day. They didn't though. I think they were trying to be respectful to Lindsay, and they were really good. They did complain about a few things, but all in all they were good.

Lindsay took a water camera and when she has them developed she is going to get them on disk for us, so I'll post pictures when I get them.

09-18-2004, 08:09 PM
OMG.. you're soooooo lucky.

I'd LOVE to go there!!
Can't wait to see the pics. :D

09-18-2004, 08:11 PM
wow!! THAT SEEMS SO COOL!! :D i wish i could go there! :D
BTW I have a cockatiel named Baby!! :D