View Full Version : 2 rescued Persians

06-25-2000, 09:22 PM
He have 2 wonderful Cat-panions named Oscar and Cashmere. Both of them were resuced. One from the shelter and one from a cattery. Oscar the older white copper-eyed was at the Everett WA. animal shelter and was going to be put to sleep the next day. He had been there for 1 month and was severely matted and dirty. But when he rolled over and started purring, that's all it took. The attendant laughed and said I can't believe anyone would adopt him. You should call him lucky cause tomorrow was the execution day. Well, let me tell you. He is one of the most beautiful persians you could ever see. When we took him to our vet after the adoption, she said he is going to have one of the fullest longest coats she has ever seen. They shaved him to the skin and in 3 months his hair was touching the floor, he looks like a big white powder puff. Cashere is a Bi-color 3 year old. We was a grand champion in 1998 and was 200th in the nation. His owner purchased him for breeding but he never sired, so she wanted to get rid of him. The suckers that we are answered the ad. We were given a real gift with cashmere. He has brought so much joy to our home. The paper from the judges said he has the ultimate persian face.....None. He has no snout just a little black dot of a nose on a white face with a small black gotee and huge gold eyes. The former owner was worried how he would adapt to a "home"inviroment since he was raised in a cage since he was born, and was only out to go to shows. But let me set the record straight. When we got him home, and out of the carrier, he ran for the bed and now makes that his permanent home. He sleeps with us, loves to play with oscar, and loves to play chase with the laser pointer. You would never have known he was rasied in a cage. Wow! It is a real joy to open your home to ophans of any kind. Try it! You will like it.

Bobalu and Cathy