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08-31-2000, 07:15 AM
Scruffy is in Birmingham, in the UK
Well, my Scruffy is an amazing cat. He sleeps in my room and after attempting a couple of time to sleep on my bed and beeing gently removed he understood: amazingly clever (I can tell, I had something like 40 cats in my life). He has wonderful green eyes and the softest fur ever, and he is extremely sweet. Yes, he looks scruffy, ill, definitely a 100% stray cat despite he has lived with me by one year. He has not always lived as a stray, because a stray do not love the settee at first sight and is not litter trained. I think he has been very unlucky and had a very hard time. When I found him he was shaking for the cold, I had to bath him twice a month because he was not cleaning at all and I still have to sit right next to him for him to eat. And I have to cuddle him continuously while eating.

Unfortunately he is going back to the street and probably he will not survive more than a couple of months. There is no choice: I am leaving the country and the vet refused to give him the required health certificate because positive to FIV. Believe it or not he is the healthiest cat ever: no worms, no flies, not a cold in one year. Ok, he has no teeth left but I am not going to be better than him in a few years.

Because his health is not perfect, instead of being looked after, he is going to be left alone in the cold english winter. My heart is broken. Bye forever my sweet boy.

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I wrote to Scruffy's owner, who sent this as a Cat of the day nomination, to ask permission to try to find Scruffy a home with someone who visits this site.

Please, if anyone can, or even knows someone in the UK who could, please try! I fear Scruffy won't last two weeks on the street, especially as a cat with no teeth left! I think he deserves to live the rest of his life in a home!!!!

She wrote back:

You are really kind. Unfortunately I am going to leave next monday. I tried to find him a new home with an advert but it did not work. RSPCA is not going to take him because he is positive to FIV (probably they would just put him to sleep). My neighbor said she will feed him but sometimes she does not have even food for herself and one has also to be regular in the timing.

If you want to try to find him a new home, maybe you can contact my neighbor. The best thing is to send me an email ([email protected]) and I might be able to put the potential new owner and my neighbor in touch (she should be able to find and collect Scruffy).

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Oh, please, Cat of the Day folks, can we find someone?


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08-31-2000, 08:45 AM
Oh poor Scruffy!!!! Poor baby. I hope some kind, loving person in the UK can rescue him SOON. What a heart-breaking life he has led, trying to find a home, having to be abandoned. And now he has FIV! I am very sorry for Scruffy -- if only he weren't so far away! I'll bet he could find a home or shelter in the USA somewhere, if only he were here. Poor thing! Karen, I hope you will keep us updated on what happens to Scruffy, if you get any further information. http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/frown.gif http://PetoftheDay.com/talk/confused.gif

08-31-2000, 09:44 AM
I've contacted my on-line friend from England. Hope she sees my mail soon!

Sept 1. She will see what she can do, and is spreading the word.

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