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09-16-2004, 01:41 PM
Agh!! I need to let out a little frustration!!! Its really hard to concentrate on my work while there are 2 tiels screaming their little heads off! How can I get them to stop squealing so loudly??

They have fresh food and water, I tried giving them treats, I tried keeping them in the room with me and in a room of their own, I covered their cage, they won't come out of their cage if I open it .. they won't stop!

Any advice. ..??

09-16-2004, 01:46 PM
My Tiels are in the next room this afternoon for the very same reason. They were fussing, and even letting them out of their cages didn't help. I had a conference call at noon and I simply had to move them to keep them from taking over the call! LOL!!!

Usually, letting them out and giving them some lettuce leaves to munch on takes care of it, but sometimes it doesn't. I have been known to put one or two on my shoulder, but it doesn't always work because I get so distracted with what they are doing! If it is any reassurance to you, usually, mine don't do this, but some days (like yesterday), it is unbearable and nothing I do helps. I even yelled "PLEASE BE QUIET", after giving them fresh vegetables to eat and it still didn't help! I'm sure my customers love it that there is so much noise in the background when I'm on the phone!! :o

09-16-2004, 02:00 PM
Oh you poor thing!

Honestly, I don't know how to advise you because my tiels are not screamers *at all*. They are VERY quiet. They sing beautifully in the morning, but are completely quiet the rest of the day.

From my experience, tiels usually scream when they're upset, or want something. Maybe they're still upset about moving to a new place, and need time to adjust. Maybe they want to eat a certain something? :confused: Maybe they want to come out and get some exercise, but are scared to come out when you open the door. Do they have toys? Maybe they're just bored.

Tiels do NOT scream a lot, unless they want something, or are getting ready to mate. Otherwise they are usually very quiet birds. They're like little kids, and you need to figure out what they want. :o Covering their cage would work for my tiels. My birds usually scream when they want to come out of the cage, but their door is always open and they go in and out as they wish, so they're always very quiet and content.

09-16-2004, 02:12 PM
Popcornbird has an ideal situation with her Tiels, that you and I don't have ScantyNebula. I cannot leave mine out and I truly believe that is why they scream at times. And days like yesterday...even when they have the chance to get out, they might still scream. Yesterday, it was Milly making so much noise and I have no idea what in the world was wrong with her!!! I don't think anything has to be wrong for them to occasionally burst out into loud yells, to tell you the truth. Temper tantrums, maybe?

09-16-2004, 02:59 PM
Yea that would make sense why yours dont' scream pcb .. I mean they have so much freedom.

But that shouldn't be too big of an issue with my tiels because they were always caged up anyway .. maybe its the move and not being used to the environment. I hope so .. after all, two tiels screaming in a tiny apartment isn't the ideal working situation, hey!. .. lol

Thanks for the replies guys .. they have quieted down a bit but get all worked up on occasions and sometimes it last for an hour ... *sigh* ..

09-16-2004, 03:08 PM
I found this article, which does not discuss the issue of screaming, but it might help you in developing a good relationship with your birds.


As to screaming, tiels scream for a number of reasons.

1. Cockatiels are social animals that live in huge flocks in the wild. They NEED and crave for attention, and need a lot of it. A cockatiel who gets enough attention will be a content and satisfied bird, and most likely, wouldn't scream much. They're not birds comparable to a finch that you can keep in a cage and they'll be content. They need attention, they need to be talked to, they need freedom, and they need to know that YOU are the *top* member of their *flock*....not themselves. Once they get all this, and understand they're not the dominant ones, they *should* quiet down.

2. Cockatiels are demanding when they want something, and will scream until they get it. Over the years, I have learned my birds' ways of asking for things, and usually understand what they want when they scream. The other day, we had guests over in the evening, and Muffin was her usual quiet self. All of a sudden, she started screaming at the top of her lungs. The guests asked me why she was screaming, and I told them *She wants to sleep.* Of course they asked me *How do you know???* I just do. After living with my birds for 5 years, I know exactly what they want, from the look on their face, from the way they are screaming, and from what they are pointing at with their beaks. I refilled their bowls as I do every night, and covered her cage. Two minutes later, she was fast asleep. I can tell when they're asking for food, when they want to sleep, when they want to come out, when they want to be with me, etc. You just get to know them with time, and the more you understand them and their behavior, the more you'll be able to satisfy their needs and demands, and the less they will scream.

3. Another reason tiels scream is if they want a mate, but your birds are already a pair, so I doubt that's the reason they're screaming.

4. Sudden changes can cause a bird to become distressed and upset, and can be a major cause of screaming. Birds do not like change.....it frightens them, so the fact that your birds just moved into a new house could possibly be causing them distress. If that's the case, spend a lot of time talking to them in a soft and loving voice. With time, they should get used to it and quiet down.

5. Boredom can also cause tiels to scream. If they have no toys or *nothing to do*, they will get bored, as any other parrot, and scream. Parrots are very playful and intelligent birds, and if they have nothing to do, they tend to get upset.

6. I doubt this is your reason, but another cause of screaming is if your bird is ill or hurt, and needs medical attention. That's their way of telling you something's wrong with them.

From my knowledge, these 6 reasons are the main reasons cockatiels scream. Cockatiels are known to be very docile and calm birds....not screamers like conures and other parrots. They do scream when they are not content, but a content tiel will hardly make any noise at all. You just need to try and figure out what's bothering them, and I know that can be a challenge for a new tiel owner. Good luck. Tiels make wonderful and sweet pets, and I really hope you're tiels will calm down and realize you're their friend. Once they realize you're their friend, they totally fall in love with you. I cannot imagine life without my tiels. They are such loving and sweet animals. I'm sure your birds just need some time and need to be worked with, and they'll be fine, eventually. Keep in mind that because they're older, they are already used to their *ways*, and it might take a little longer.

09-16-2004, 07:19 PM
wow pcb .. you really know what you're talking about. Thanks so much for all that info, and for the link.

Well they pretty much spent the whole day screaming ... I tried everything I could, nothing seems to work. I think the problem is cause #4. I am hoping for the best :)

09-16-2004, 08:35 PM
I have the same situation a pcb, The door is never shut on my three, they have their own room and can visit any number of the 22 that live their. Are they getting at least 12 hours of complete covered quit sleep?. Also if mine are a little restless, and this may sound funny I'll put on some Enya, or music of that nature. My Cockatoo loves Kenny G, go fiqure. Maybe they are lacking in a certain vitamin. Good luck and let us know you come up with an clues

here is a picture of their home

09-17-2004, 08:41 AM
I forgot to tell you this, yesterday, but mine enjoy music. Helen turns the radio to country music for them, but I usually try to put it on one of those "easy listening" stations as I think it is better for soothing them. Try it, they might like it and it might settle them down.