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09-13-2004, 03:28 PM
Okay so Blueberry,Blackberry & Q-Tip are leaving for Ruffin's today:( It was the best petstore I could find and my mom wants them gone since all the food we have to buy! I will miss them but I've made a poster for the petstore owners to post on the pen(they have nice pens,glass and wood at that petstore,with tile floor bottom! My poor buns!:(

As for spaying the vet said she doesn't recomend it and cancer isn't very common, she also said she did about 10 rabbits in her whole 25 year carrier with no mess-ups. She told me to put Spice on a diet until she loses a good 3 or 4 pounds. She said only 1/4 cup of pellets,normal veges,unlimited hay and fresh water. She said she isn't in this for the money and if I really want it done she'll do it, she also said this is a very risky surgery. I don't know, is this the right vet? I have a feeling I shouldn't take her there.
We are calling another vet, the recommened vet and asking her the same questions, then I'll know who's best! Right now I'm worried!

Will have new pictures posted of Q-Tip,Blueberry & Blackberry soon,tomorrow afternoon or later tonight!

Desert Arabian
09-13-2004, 03:39 PM
Originally posted by wabbitwuver
As for spaying the vet said she doesn't recomend it and cancer isn't very common, she also said she did about 10 rabbits in her whole 25 year carrier with no mess-ups. worried!

I don't belive that at all. When I was doing research before I got Peanut, just about every website and book I read said that rabbits have a high chance of getting cancer. Not only that, but their additude and personality changes after getting spayed/neutered, which is good not bad.

And...if a vet does not recommend spaying...I would not trust that vet at all, why on Earth would she not advise it- unless it was putting the animals life in jeopardy- but your rabbit is healthy (as fasr as I know)!?!? That is fishy right there. I don't like the sound of that vet's practice at all. :mad:

Why do you have to give them to the pet store, isn't there a local rabbit rescue or humane society in the area that could take them- so they have a higher chance of not getting in the wrong hands!? :confused:

09-13-2004, 03:50 PM
No little rescues take in rabbits and the only one that does puts them down if they are there too long. There was this one place called Bide A While Animal Shelter they were right rude to me, okay they visited my class oo 2 years ago(i wuz in grade 7) and then I asked if they had rabbits and the lady was like "eww not those furballs,gross!".

Yeah I didn't really like the sounds of that either!!!!My mom does but my mom thinks she knows but she doesnt! Spice isn't so healthy,she is 4lbs overweight! I knew nothing about rabbits diets before and thought she would be better off if I made her fat for winter....I was wrong! But she is looking thinner. I will feed her seperate from Hershey from now on since she is stealing some of his. Here is her new diet plan. Mornings I will put her in the indoor cage until she is done eating,these are the foods she will have:

1/4 cup pellets
loads of fresh hay
1 cup of veges(as recommended in my Rabbit Care book)
fresh water

Same goes for Hershey only he will be outdoors. Someday I hope to build a few little seperaters and block off sections for each rabbit until they are done eating, right now I have other things to worry about!

09-13-2004, 03:50 PM
Oh yeah and Peanut is absoloutly BEAUTIFUL! How is it going with her?