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Sweet Sixy
09-03-2004, 10:53 PM
I noticed this evening that my rabbits right eye is completly clouded over. It is a large rount spot on his eye. I am assuming it is a cataract. Is there anything that can be done for him? My poor little Eeyore is getting so old...:(

Sweet Sixy
09-05-2004, 10:47 PM
Anyone have any suggestions? Please?

09-05-2004, 10:53 PM
How old is he? I would ask a rabbit-specialist vet. Did this happen suddenly? Does he seem to be impaired in any way?

Sweet Sixy
09-05-2004, 10:55 PM
He is 6 years and about 4 months. It did happen suddenly. I didn't notice the white spot on Thursday and by Saturday it was there It doesn't really seem to be bothering him, he gets around just as he did before. He seems to be a little more jumpy is all.

09-05-2004, 11:03 PM
Do you have a good rabbit vet?

Sweet Sixy
09-05-2004, 11:20 PM
He is ok, but rabbits are not his specialty. They aren't very popular in this area. I am just concerned that it could lead to other problems since I don't know much about it.

Aspen and Misty
09-05-2004, 11:24 PM
He could have cut his eye, I would get it checked out.


09-15-2004, 12:21 PM
According to my rabbit vet, cataracts in bunnies are not treatable. One of my bunnies eventually did go blind from them but you never would have known it. He scooted around and was very active anyways.....he had memorized the layout of his room so I couldn't rearrange the furniture! When he died it was age-related and had nothing to do with being blind...

My other thought is that you should probably get your bunny a companion if he doesn't have one already.

Whatever you do though, do NOT take your rabbit who does not specialize in rabbits, that is just asking for real trouble.

Sweet Sixy
09-17-2004, 10:41 AM
Thanks everyone for the advice. His eye does not seem to be affecting him in anyway, he is still his same old self. I have decided not to take him to the vet simply becuase I worry about his age and something happening, our vet is about 45 min away so its a long drive.
Daisylover, I so wish I could get him a companion, but unfortunatly he was not fixed so it wouldn't be the best idea unless we want a huge for or some little bun buns!
As long as he doesn't seem any different, I won't worry about him. Thanks again everyone!

11-24-2004, 08:20 PM
Check it out. It is better to be safe on your bunny's health. Also, you don't want it to turn into something else.

Sweet Sixy
11-24-2004, 10:13 PM
Just an update on my bun. He now has cataracts in both his eyes and has subsequently gone blind from them. However this has not changed him much. He is a little more careful of where he walks and has become a little more protective or his things. Other than that he is still his same old self. The vet checked him out and said that he is perfectly healthy otherwise! Heck, he is almost 7 years old!

11-25-2004, 04:17 PM
Aw, sorry to hear about Eeyore's eyes. The same thing happened to Cinnabun in January and she lost her sight in her right eye and most of her left eye. She was under a year old, not sure what caused it. But its the same with her, her personality hasn't changed at all and she gets along just fine. :)

Sweet Sixy
11-25-2004, 05:38 PM
It's good to hear that everyone elses bunnies got along just fine too! I'm glad it hasn't changed him at all. He's about the sweetest thing you've ever seen.

04-15-2005, 01:30 AM
Hello Sweet Sissy and anyone else on board! I am a newbie, but I have a q. about my Netherland Dwarf bunny, Thumper. I could use some input on how you dealt with it and what happened with your rabbit. A day or so ago, a cloudy film appeared on Thumper's left eye...in fact, it seemed to appear in a brief, 4-hour period. :( He is only 1-year old buck, and I am told it is hereditary yet rare in rabbits. There is treatment, but it is VERY expensive. I guess I'd like to know what to do about it...any thoughts? would like to hear from you...:confused:

04-15-2005, 04:49 PM
Basically I think everything any of us bunny owners know is already written in the messages above. I would recommend that you take him to a rabbit specialist vet right away but chances are there's not much that can be done. Unlike human cataracts, they do not do eye surgery on rabbits, mostly because rabbits are so sensitive to the anesthesia.

You will see from our notes that being blind did not really effect any of our rabbits....they could still get around, were still affectionate and loving. WE had to be careful when walking around our blind kids so not to accidently scare them and end up tripping on them but really, most bunnies handle blindness with no problems at all. Whatever you do, do not take your rabbit to a cat/dog vet, make sure the vet has had the medical training to care of rabbits.....most vets don't bother to take the classes on exotics.

04-15-2005, 05:50 PM
thanks for the feedback. I had taken thumper to the vet the other day, but she told me there wasn't much anyone can do, as you pointed out. He seems unaffected by being half-blind, but I am not sure what kind of life he'd have if his other eye goes. i read an on-line study that eye problems among lab and other domestic rabbits is very high. I guess I'll have to see how he adjusts to determine if i have to put him down 9god forbid!).
thanks...:( :confused:

Sweet Sixy
04-17-2005, 05:22 PM
I took Eeyore to the vet a couple of weeks ago and he is blind in both of his eyes. But it still doesn't seem to affect him. I did notice that he "creeps" a little more than he hops, but I think that is just caution on his part. He still likes to explore and is just as snuggly as ever. I think the moving slower may be partly due to his age to, he is creeping up on 7 years old quite quickly! I wish your bunny well Dano!

04-17-2005, 10:06 PM
I wondered if the cataracts was due to a cut on his cornea from a domestic accident, but in any case, he seems to be adjusting though he is unable to see me from his left side. It's heart-breaking, really. I hope he doesn't have troubles with the other eye. He is just too young for all this. Thanks for all your feedback, folks.:rolleyes:

04-17-2005, 10:09 PM
Jessica- sorry about your bunny. I think I can relate at this point, but at least, he has has been well-cared-for, throughout his life.

01-14-2010, 10:55 PM
I noticed it last night and thought right away it was a cataract. My wife took Pez to our vet and he referred her to a specialist. She took him the same day and they ran a lot of tests and he has cataracts in both eyes. The right side you can not see but he could with his instruments. He also said the cataracts could have been caused by a virus. He took a blood sample and will test hm for that virus. If he has the virus than it could be contagious to his mate emma. If it is she most likely has been infected by now, I hope he does not have the virus. He also gave us eye drops that we have to put in both of his eyes 2x per day for the rest of his life to prevent glaucoma. It seems that cataracts are very common in rabbits and I am very worried that Pez might not be able to adjust if he does go blind. He is a great rabbit and I give him full run of the house when I am home and he really does do great with teh litter box and the chewing, Emma does not want to leave her room. We got her when she was 1 1/2 yrs old from a shelter to help keep Pez company. We named him Pez because when we got him he was 3 months old and every time he hopped he left 3 pellets like a pez dispenser, he is now 4 yrs old.
If anyone has anymore info on Cataracts please post. They said that they can do laser treatments for this, has anyone tried this.



01-16-2010, 03:32 PM
My rabbit never had cataracts, but I have one - it is too small to effect anything right now. In any case, I would weigh carefully any decision about treatment. In my experience, animals adjust far easier to blindness than people, anyway, and I bet rabbits rely so much more on smell and other senses than sight. If the treatment is simple, and not painful, that would be one thing. He is a relatively young rabbit (Miss Hoppy lived to be 11) - if the cataracts are treated now, would they likely reoccur?

01-19-2010, 09:24 PM
Oh sweet little bun. My Benny has had an eye infection for months now. Best of luck to you and your sweey.