View Full Version : Feline leukemia question

01-02-2002, 05:25 PM
My brother will be looking for a new apartment very soon and will have to re-home his kitty Moggie. She's a special needs cat with feline leukemia :( but is otherwise healthy. She is just the most adorable & lovable cat (not to mention very unusual!) and I would love nothing more than to take her in but it would involve introducing her to Cleo, who's been the only cat with me for over 2 years now--which in itself poses a potential problem. Cleo's had her leukemia vaccination but I read on the internet that there is only a 70-80% she won't contract the virus, even vaccinated. They're both indoor cats. I'll call my vet this week but I thought I'd post the question here first and possibly get some expert feedback :)

01-03-2002, 07:13 PM

Thank you so much for the post. Unfortunately there is no question now about my introducing Moggie to my cat and making this her new home. Yes, she tested positive but shows no signs of illness. I also read that sometimes by some fluke in the testing a cat can test positive once but then negative thereafter. It's grasping at straws I know but we're going to have her retested as there are 2 different types of tests also, and she's only had one. If worse comes to worst, and depending on whomoever his new landlord will be, my brother will try to sneak her into the new apt. It's not exactly the right thing to do, but then neither is putting down an otherwise healthy cat, if noone else can take her. Before that we'll maybe post an ad on the internet, including here, with her bio & picture. Maybe a video if possible. Didn't mean to ramble but she's such a special kitty and like all kitties naturally deserves a loving home that could accommodate her special needs. Thanks again & wish us luck ! :D