View Full Version : Queen Lesions Common?

04-23-2001, 08:13 PM
I was curious to know if anyone could validate that queens are prone to red, patchy skin sores. A breeder that I visited had an ex-breeder that she was hoping to sell. I was told the red skin lesions were due to hormones since she was not spayed . . . fact or fiction?

I probably should post this under Cat Behavior, but anyway here goes: At a cat show a breeder had a kitten with virtually no whiskers; looked like someone took scissors and cleanly cut them down to stubs. This breeder told me the mother cat chewed them off so her kitten would not want to wander away from the "nest". Has anyone ever heard of such a thing??

If I ever get another cat I will certainly adopt from a shelter since there are so many awaiting and deserving lots of love, but there are a couple of breeds that I admire so just wanted to get up close and personal.

Regards ~ AvaJoy